Saturday, May 25, 2019

Senior Discount

So yesterday, they let us off work at 11 as we were caught up and coming into a holiday weekend. I grabbed my lunch box and headed home but Taco Bell was calling me more than the leftover pizza in my lunch box so I ran through the drive thru. I ordered 4 Steak Soft Tacos and a small Mountain Dew. She said my total was $12 something.

I pulled up to the window after waiting my turn. I hold my debit card out when I pull up and the cashier glances at me but goes back to her register. I just figured she was taking someone else's order. She finally turns to me and as she's taking my debit card, she says it's $11 something, seniors get drinks for free. Now, it took me a minute to realize what she said and what she meant. I would have corrected her but hey, it's a free drink and I figured she owed me after telling me that she thinks I'm 10 years older than what I am.

However, upon coming home and Googling that the Taco Bell senior discount is for those 65 and up, I'm thinking she should have given me my whole meal free for saying I was 20 years older than what I am.

Now I know when I haven't shaved my head recently, I look a little older than I am, and it has been about a week since I shaved it but I don't know about looking 65 years old. There are days where my body feels like it's 65 years old, but not look that old.


  1. Well, that's just wrong! Honestly, it's like being asked for your license at a bar at 64. Really? Did they think someone would do all that aging makeup just to order a margarita?

  2. I will take the discount every time. Have whatever opinion of me you like, just give me free stuff.

    1. That's what I said, free is free. I'll act 65 if it gets me free stuff!

  3. Replies
    1. My wife didn't think so, she thought it was hilarious.