Monday, April 30, 2012

Insane in the Membrane, track 6

Instead of one random post, I’m going to start posting smaller posts.  I might be able to post a little more often that way.  Maybe even post some quickies from work which is where most of my ideas comes.  I might be able to get them down before I get home and forget about them

Today’s first song is a classic 80’s rock song.  Have no idea how it got in my head, like most of the music that goes there.

At least it was a good song this time.  The next song I have no idea where it came from.  Well I kind of do.  It was really warm, if ya know what I mean.

Now if I can scratch that itch tonight.  Ya know what I mean.

I know, I’ll shut up now.

I did have this cassette, back in the day.  Silk, not the one below.  What?  Oh, my bad.  For you younger generation, this is a cassette.   We used to store music on these.  It sucked because the fastest you could record on it was twice the speed.  So it still took a couple of minutes per song.  Not like nowadays where you can transfer it instantly.  And you had to actually use that fast forward function and guess where your song was.  It was so primitive and pathetic.  But that’s how us old people had to survive the stone age.  Don’t even get me started on how we had to steal music.  We had to record,

Wait for it (can you tell I’m watching How I Met Your Mother)

the Radio (BUM, BUM. BUM)

God I feel old.  I’ve gone through 8 tracks, records, cassettes, cd’s and now digital.  I wonder what’s next.  Insane in the Membrane might become a reality, it’ll be stored in your head.


  1. Ha! My sister posted to FB an image of an 8-track player - oh the car! - with a "like if you remember this"

    What is up with the aging on the internet this week?

    1. Somebody on my friends list posted that to. Today they posted the old food stamps that were actually stamps. There's been others but I'm too old to remember that much stuff anymore.

  2. Oh man. Sooooo many times I sat at the radio, trying to record a song JUST at the right moment to get the entire thing. There was a G&R Patience moment where I might have called the radio to request it because I could never catch it "live." I will neither confirm nor deny that that happened in my real life.

    I actually got this fantastic cassette tape iPhone case that I wanted to do a giveaway with, until I realized nobody likes my giveaways (like 5 people responded last time . . . pathetic), and that looks just like it! Ahh, memories.

    Btw, how did your walk go? Was it this past weekend or upcoming? Good luck if it's coming up!

    1. I had one of the duel tape decks. I would throw a tape in, record the radio for however long the tape was. Then play it and record over the songs I wanted to a new tape. It never failed that the song that I really wanted was always the last song and it got cut off. I remember watched the tape get shorter and shorter while the song was on. "Come on, come on, finish the song before the tape finishes. Crap!" Well, I was a teenager, it was probably a different word, but you get the idea.

      I don't have an iPhone so I wouldn't have gotten in that one anyways. I'm a Droid guy.

      The walk is this Saturday morning. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks.