Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Catch-Up

Weekly Catch-Up

Laws Reviews

I blog mainly about new movies to me.  Also review other products here and there but it’s mostly movies.

Only watched 1 movie this week to review but it was a good one.  Watched the end of Meet Joe Black and all of Legends of the Fall on AMC today but I only review movies I haven’t seen.  I take that back, I watched a movie yesterday that I need to review.  But it wasn’t anything spectacular, contrary to what everyone is saying.


  • Total page views = 199 (up 29 from last week)
  • Total posts = 21 (up 1 from last week)
  • Total followers = 1 (same as last week)

My Sports Obsession

Here I blog all about My Sports Obsession, mostly baseball cards and the White Sox.

This blog is on autopilot as of late.  I haven’t purchased much new so I’m mainly posting some stuff I picked up awhile ago.


  • Total page views = 15,186 (Up 418 from last week)
  • Total posts = 348 (Up 5 from last week)
  • Total followers = 74 (Same as last week)

My Sports Obsession(1)

Random sports photos.  There are only some stats for this blog as it is a Tumblr account, not a blogger account.

  • 7 University of Michigan posts.
  • 19 White Sox posts.
  • 9 other MLB posts.
  • 1 Indianapolis Colts post.


  • Totals posts = 365 (Up 36 from last week)
  • Total followers = 8 (Up 1 from last week)

Random Thoughts From A Random Guy

This is just a blog of my random thoughts. This will be a collection of everything from my thoughts, to funny things I find on the net (including tweets and FB status) to whatever else I decide to post. From being a parent, to being a husband, to everyday life with a MS patient.


  • Total page views = 2114 (Up 254 from last week)
  • Total posts = 127 (Up 6 from last week)
  • Total followers = 5 (same as last week)

Too Many Manninghams

I only guest post on this blog about my Michigan cards.  And as stated up above, I haven’t been buying cards lately so I haven’t posted here recently.  Although Dennis still posts on here so there are posts to read, just none by me.


    • Total posts by me = 9


    Jeff Laws(2)

    That’s it for the week.  As you can tell, I don’t Facebook a lot as far as posting stuff.  I posted maybe 2 or 3 other things, vids or pics, but that’s it.  While I’m on it multiple times a day, I don’t post much myself.

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