Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Uh Oh!

Well, I’m off to a lovely start of the evening.  Once again, I’m at the ballpark and brought my laptop with me.  I pulled up, parked the car and walked Samantha over to her diamond.  I went back out to my car and was going to move it to the outfield fence on the diamond that Samantha is practicing on so I could watch while I blogged.  But apparently, my car had other plans.  I got in and it won’t start.  It’s turning over but won’t catch.  I called my step-dad to come look at it, since I don’t know jack about cars.  I know, a guy who doesn’t know about cars, take away his man card.  Bite me!  Anyways, I’m awaiting him to arrive.  Hopefully it’s a cheap, quick and easy fix.  Cheri is really hoping so since she will have to drive me to work along with the kids to school tomorrow if not.  He’s here, be back in a few with hopefully good news.

You can’t keep my car down.  Apparently she just wanted to sit in that spot for a few minutes.  She must have needed a break from that long drive here (10 minutes).  Who knows?  But I’ve had this car for 9 years and it’s paid off so I can’t afford to have to go buy another one.  My stepdad thinks it just got flooded.  He pulled up and got out.  I figured I’d try to start it so he could see what it was doing.  And it started right up.  I apologized for bringing him out, good thing he doesn’t live far.  He said it was fine, he had the niece and nephew over so he was happy to leave for a bit.  Although, now I’m going to have to apologize for narcing him out because my mom reads the blog.  Sorry Randall.

Insane in the Membrane

Just a quick one today because I had one song in my head all freaking day.  Which is rare because I listened to my spotify for about an hour and a half and usually I’ll pick up something there and start singing it.

Good thing I work alone, it’s not a pretty song to be singing out loud.  It’s noisy enough in the factory that I can pretty much sing as loud as I want and nobody will really hear me unless they come walking up to me.  I have been know to serenade a few people when I know they can hear me.

While I was listening to my spotify (which I am listening to now) I was texting lyrics to my wife if it was a song she would know.  I only had to text her 4 songs in that hour and a half.  She wouldn’t have know most of them.  She doesn’t listen to a lot of rock so most of it was that.  Here’s what I texted her, see how well you do.

  1. “My life, would suck, without you”  She got that one right away.  She even told me the singer, I want to say Kelly Clarkson but if you would have asked before she told me that, I wouldn’t have had a clue.
  2. “And I will always love you”  Another easy one for her.  I believe her text said something about Whitney coming back to sing to her.
  3. Here’s where it got tough for her, let’s see how well you do.  First I sent “I can smell a pig from a mile away”  She accused me of calling her a pig.  So I sent “Riding at night cuz I sleep all day”  She said she didn’t know so I told her it was Kid Rock.  Then I sent “I’m not straight out of Compton, I’m straight out the trailer”.  I had to tell her it was Cowboy.
  4. This last one was easy for her, let’s see how well you do. “Let’s get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance.”  She got it right away considering she introduced me to that song on a mix tape she made me.  Anybody?  It’s a great song, I’ll see if I can find it for you.

That’s all I got for you today but keep your eyes peeled for a special post coming soon, probably next.

I lied, I have more for you.  I typed this out and saved it in order to send once I got back home to an internet connection.  My phone rings, it was the lady in charge of the local ballpark.  She had tried to talk me into coaching a new team a few nights ago.  I told her that I would help out but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be he head coach.  Well, she roped me into it.  She asked where I was.  Um, at the ballpark watching my daughter’s practice.  Great, why don’t you come on up to my office.

So now I’m coaching Trevor’s team.  While I’m excited, I’m also very nervous.  She told me that she would take care of contacting all my kids about practice and so forth.  All I had to do was coach, which is all I want to do.  She gave me phone numbers of people to call if there were any problems with the parents (not the kids, the parents).  That’s just kind of pathetic.  So now I’m busier than before.  Damn!  There went all my sitting on my couch, doing nothing time.

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