Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tantrums & Annoyance

I just read a post about how to deal with tantrums in your child right here.
I must admit, that I have, on a few occasions, dealt with this myself.
I sat down to get at their level, I looked them in the eye and said something like this,
“Oh!  Come on!  If your going to pout go all out, you can do better than that.  How do you expect to get what you want if that’s the effort your going to put into it. Come on!  Cry a little harder that.”
For the record, it worked.  But I’m guessing after that, you won’t ask me for any parenting advice. 

How long did it take before you were annoyed?  I know, I’m an ass.

Just threw this up real quick before I head to bed.  It’s going to be a busy week, not sure when I’ll be able to post some more.  Monday night (practice), Tuesday (Supper at my moms), Wednesday (Practice), Thursday (practice), Friday (practice) and of course I work Mon-Fri so that pretty much books my day.  The little league called me and said they found another sponsor and wanted to know if I wanted to coach the team.  I told them I don’t mind being an assistant but I don’t want to be the head coach.  I don’t mind the baseball duties, I don’t want all the additional stuff like organizing which parent brings team snacks and such.  I just want to help the kids learn how to play correctly.  I have a feeling they won’t be able to find anyone and I’ll get stuck with the job anyways.  So we’ll see.

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