Saturday, March 16, 2024

Getting better

I did a little better this week as far as working out some. Here's a little look into last week.

Monday I had over 10k steps and 10 zone minutes, all at work and I didn't do anything when I got home other than get up and move every hour when my watch told me I needed to.

Tuesday I had 12.5k steps and 32 zone minutes. Most of the 12.5k steps were at work but 30 of the zone minutes were on the bike. I ended up riding 7.24 miles. It was a nice day out and I had the playlist that I crank up when I have the windows down on the way home. After I got home, I still had the playlist going so I stayed on the bike until it was finished.

Wednesday I had 10.5k steps but only 2 zone minutes, that was all at work as well. I got annoyed with a 1 on 1 with my boss so I wasn't in the mood when I got home.

Thursday I had 11.3k steps and 6 zone minutes, again, all at work. We went out for supper when I got home and I didn't do anything after that.

You can see my work week is where I struggle, I knew I would. I did get 1 day in on the bike so it was better. We'll see if I can get better this week.

Friday I had 3.2k steps and 1 zone minute. I did ride the bike for an hour but apparently I didn't register any zone minutes for it. I just went a steady pace and sidetracked myself with going through my New Release playlist which lasted just over an hour so that worked out. I did do 13.15 miles on the bike which is the farthest I've gone this year. Not only all that but I made sure I didn't just ride the bike and sit down. I ended up being on my feet for most of the afternoon while working on my cards. At one point, I even squatted down to grab a book without realizing it. I ended up coming right back up which I couldn't tell you the last time I was able to do that without screaming in pain when I got up.

Today, we got up and went out for breakfast and ran a couple of errands which is usually my downfall but I forced myself to get on my bike when I got home. I was going to listen to my New to Me playlist but I noticed more songs on my New Release playlist so I went through those and a couple of artists on the New to Me before calling it quits. It ended up being around 48 minutes and for 10.27 miles.

My mom stopped by to drop off a couple of things and I told her what was going on and I told her to hit me up if she was going to go walking so hopefully that will help me do something else other than biking.

Tomorrow we have a show so I doubt I'll get on the bike, although it is the local show, maybe I'll get home in time to ride some. That's also the reason I'm posting on Saturday instead of Sunday. I knew I wouldn't be home much tomorrow.

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