Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekly Catch-up

Weekly Catch-Up

Laws Reviews

I am actually all caught up on my reviews of movies.  I only review movies I hadn’t seen before.  I do watch more movies then what I post here.  Not a whole lot more, because there are only a few movies that I could watch over and over again.  Maybe I should review them too, but they’d all get 5 stars from me since they are my favorites.

  • Real Steel – a 4 star movie review.
  • Mama Mia! – a 1 star movie review.  (My wife made me watch it)
  • Drive – a 2 star movie review.
  • the Muppets – a 3 star movie review.


  • Total page views = 170 (up 46 from last week)
  • Total posts = 20 (up 4 from last week)
  • Total followers = 1 (same as last week)


My Sports Obsession

I’ve slacked a bit on this blog.  I haven’t really had the money to buy any new cards so I haven’t had much to say.  I still read and comments on everybody’s blogs and I have some things to post, just haven’t gotten them up and posted yet.


  • Total page views = 14,768 (Up 714 from last week)
  • Total posts = 343 (Up 4 from last week)
  • Total followers = 74 (Same as last week)

My Sports Obsession(1)

Random sports photos.  There are only some stats for this blog as it is a Tumblr account, not a blogger account.  I’ve spent some time on this blog towards the end of the week so it’s set for a few weeks.  Apparently I linked the title wrong last week.  It is corrected this week.

  • 4 University of Michigan posts.
  • 16 White Sox posts.
  • 7 other MLB posts.
  • 0 Indianapolis Colts post.


  • Totals posts = 329 (Up 27 from last week)
  • Total followers = 7 (same as last week)

Random Thoughts From A Random Guy

Do I really need to explain this blog?

  • Weekly Catch-Up – Again, do I really need to explain this post?
  • GREAT Grandparents – I’m really proud of this post.  Apparently my mom did too, she printed it out to show to other family members.
  • Tantrums & Annoyance – Just a quick post in regards to a fellow bloggers post and I take the time to annoy you.
  • Uh Oh! – Car Trouble and a special edition of Insane in the Membrane with a quick post at the end.
  • MS Sucks! – A plea for your help.


  • Total page views = 1860 (Up 240 from last week)
  • Total posts = 121 (Up 5 from last week)
  • Total followers = 5 (same as last week)

Too Many Manninghams

I only guest post on this blog about my Michigan cards.  And as stated up above, I haven’t been buying cards lately so I haven’t posted here recently.  Although Dennis still posts on here so there are posts to read, just none by me.


    • Total posts by me = 9


    Jeff Laws(1)

    Of course, I was being sarcastic, because my wife hates to shop.  But we had to get some “nice” clothes for court tomorrow.

    Jeff Laws

    Yeah, this is what I did while blogging today.  2 White Sox games and a Michigan football game.  Cheri ended up taking a nap.

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