Saturday, April 21, 2012


I’m having trouble watching “Grey’s Anatomy”.  The whole storyline with Richard and Adele is killing me.  Adele has Alzheimer’s on the show.  They have put her in a home because she is that bad off.  Richard caught her in bed at the home with another Alzheimer patient.  Obviously, she doesn’t remember Richard.  But the whole episode, when they were together, she kept asking where this new guy was.  It was heartbreaking.

I just watched my grandfather on my dad’s side go through it.  More or less, since I wasn’t around for much of it.  I wasn’t that close, long story for another post.  The point is, it runs in my family.  So there is a possibility that I may get it.  I’ve already told my wife if I ever start getting that bad, just run.  Tell my family to run.  When I die and get my memory back, I’ll understand.  I can’t imagine putting my family through that.

Run for the hills, loved ones.  Run for the hills.

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