Monday, April 16, 2012

Therapy, Dumbassary & Twitter

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.  I’m behind on my blog reading again.  I did really well last weekend and got caught up.  I even went to work on Monday, read what you all posted on Sunday and Monday morning, and spent the rest of the day reading, yes, actually reading a book (e-book, same thing).  Which was my goal, get caught up so I could read books on my Kindle Fire again.  It worked for a day, I suck.  It’s just been to freaking busy around here.
As I mentioned previously, they talked me into coaching Trevor’s team.  So on top of assistant coaching Samantha’s team, girl scouts and boy scouts.  My week and weekends are suddenly filled up.  I miss my fun online time.  I feel like when I get online now, I have too much stuff to do and can’t just screw around.  After working, then taking care of kids activities, I’m not in the mood to blog by the time I get home.  Which would be the lack of blog posts as of late.  I’m not quitting or going away.  I’m just giving you a heads up if I go a few days without posting.
Sometimes I Remember, Sometimes I Don't
On the other side, my wife has been blogging a little bit more.  I think it would be good for her, theraputic of sorts.  She has had the blog “Sometimes I Remember, Sometimes I Don’t” which she usually talks about dealing with her Multiple Sclerosis and other medical issues.  But I’ve been telling her to start a blog to bitch about people.  She already does it all the time, why not put it in a blog.  And let’s face it, there’s a few bloggers who are famous in our blogging circles for doing just that.  That one is named “Dumbassary”.  Since I know you all miss me, feel free to go check hers out.  Show her a little love so she sticks with the blogging.  We all know we check our stats and get excited when you get a few hits.  Show her some love to make up for the day she had today.
We went to our disability meeting.  Basically, we sat there and discussed all the things wrong with my wife and all the things she can’t do anymore.  I felt bad for her, she said it didn’t bother her.  But I still felt like we were picking on her.  And I had to just sit there and couldn’t stand up for her.  But if it helped then I guess it doesn’t matter.  Now we wait up to 30 days to hear whether she was approved, or turned down for the 3rd time.  This is our first time with a lawyer and he complimented her on how organized she was so that’s a plus.  We think it went well.  If she gets turned down I’ll be sure to let you know, pretty sure I’ll be posting how pissed I am at the people who take advantage of the system so that those who truly need it, can’t get it.  But hopefully you’ll never have to read it.
I’ve been debating on getting on Twitter (or maybe a fan page on Facebook) more to communicate with my peeps, but to be honest, I only have 1 person who comments regularly (A soon to be fellow sucker, I mean Hoosier).  so I don’t even know how many people out there read on a regular basis.  Right now, I use twitter to advertise my blog posts and that’s pretty much it.  I’ll send a personal tweet once in a great while, if I’m in the mood to, but it’s rare.  Let me know in the comments, or send me a tweet if you’d be interested in that form of communication
Have to go back to work tomorrow, blah!  I’ll talk at you when I talk at you again.

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  1. I don't tweet. I don't need yet another addictive outlet! I am on FB, but maintain my friend list below 200. blog is for myself and my online community, not my "real life" friends, so I'm not really trying to promote it.

    Good luck with your crazy schedule! I'll check out your wife's sites in the meantime.

    1. I see other bloggers who communicate via FB fan page or twitter, I thought it would be cool to chit chat. But as far as I know, I have 3 regular readers, you, my wife and my mom.