Sunday, January 29, 2017

Little bit of randomness

As per my usual, I disappeared through the weekend. Mainly because I haven't done anything all weekend. Like most weekends. Trevor is at his mom's and Samantha stayed with a friend all weekend so it's just been the wife and I and we've pretty much vegged out in front of the TV. We've been watching lots of new stuff as well as catching up with the old. I started and finished Westworld and today, we're probably going to watch come movies today. We're in the middle of Sully at the moment, I don't know what we'll watch next.

Day 28, East Chicago, IN (79.2 miles)
I haven't posted much on my trek because there hasn't been to much to see. I am in East Chicago, I've worked my way through Gary, IN so I'm slowly making progress. Obviously I'm heading for Chicago, it's my kind of town after all.

Stuff I've posted on my Random Thoughts FB page.

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