Thursday, January 19, 2017

Going Nuclear?

It's been a long week at work. Our insurance changed with our buy out and all the smokers had so many days to quit or their insurance was going to go up. So everybody waited until just before the deadline to quit. So they are all quitting this week. Between all the crankiness and all the conversations about them quitting, I think I might take up smoking to relieve my stress.

Day 18 - Michigan City, IN - (49.2 Miles)
Now that I'm not staying on the most direct route and am traveling around, it's becoming harder to keep track of my full route. I found a way on Google maps to track where I walked that day, I just can't go back and look at how I got there. Oh well.

It's supposed to be in the 50's this weekend, maybe I'll go for a walk. Don't hold me to that though. Milo is coming back on Sunday as well, maybe he'll get me to take him for a walk. Don't hold me to that either.

I did finally make it to the destination in Michigan City that I was heading for. It's really the only place I go to there but it really isn't very often that I do.

No, not Eddie Bauer, that is the outlet mall to the left of this picture. There are a ton of stores there, including a Nike outlet. We've done our before school shopping there before. I took this screenshot because of what's on the right side. I always find it odd when I'm at this nice outlet mall and I look over and see that in the background. It just seems really odd to me.

You can see above how huge the outlet mall is on the right and also the Nuclear tower on the left. I'm kidding of course, I Googled, it's actually a coal burning power plant but it just looks odd in the background at the mall. See W 4th st there just below the cooling tower? That's where I would have ended up walking the 2.8 miles that I did yesterday.

This is where I ended up, I was sure to get the tower in the background.

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