Friday, January 6, 2017

So much for perfect attendance

My morning started off like any other morning. My alarm went off, I laid there for a minute before the cat started bothering me. I got up and did my usual morning routine, hopped in the car and drove to work. As I pull into the parking lot, I'm thinking "why is everyone here already?" I glance down at the clock, and it read 6:18. Um, I'm supposed to be at work at 6:00.

I have 2 alarms set on my phone. One at 5:15, which is the one I get up with, and one at 5:56 which is the one that I shut off the radio in the car and head into the building. I get to work around 5:40-5:45 and hang out in the car, slouch down, put my head back and shut my eyes and listen to music, until the alarm goes off. Then I head in and clock in at 2 minutes till. What I'm guessing happened this morning is my first alarm never went off (the cat would have woke me up if it had and I fell back asleep,) and when my second one did, I thought it was my first.

When I walked into work, my boss walked up and said "oh good, you're here." I explained what happened and then told her "I would have text you and let you know I was coming if I had actually realized I was running late."


I don't know if it will affect perfect attendance or not since I did show up and still worked 8 hours. We have new owners so I don't know how they keep track. I had perfect attendance last year, I did call in once but they let me use a vacation day for it so technically, it wasn't a call in. The new owners don't allow that, you have to have 48 hour notice on vacation days.

Day #5, South Bend
I hit up the Goodwill this morning before I left. Changing my clothes which was nice after a few days.  I passed a supermarket on the way so I was able to stock up on some supplies. I had some trouble going under the bridge where the bypass goes over the road I was on. There was a big pile up and all kinds of zombies. I went up the exit and came back down on the other side. I was able to avoid most of them that way but I still had to dodge quite a few. When there is that many around I try to avoid rather than taking the time to kill one. All that dodging and running wore me out and I stopped for the night not real far after that crossing. I'm staying at a vet clinic. Luckily the animals were still alive as were only 5 days in but they didn't look good. I let most of them out of their cages and they took off. There was a small living quarter upstairs so at least I'll get a bed again.


  1. Good job, and fun to catch up on how it's going! I did very well up until Wed ~ no work out on Thurs and on Friday I went to happy hour with a friend. Will be at the gym today & tomorrow though. We had pizza from Pappa Murphy's, so I never weigh myself after pizza (too much salt). I prefer to bake my own pizza because I like it a little more browned (read crispy).

    1. The weekends will kill me, I tend to eat out more and do a lot less. On the rare occasions that I actually weigh myself, I do it in the morning before I eat. Everything makes me bloat.