Saturday, January 14, 2017

Closer to Death

I made it to another weekend. As much as some of my work days drag right now, the work week seems to fly right by which believe me, I'm grateful for that, but I always go to that thought that I'm a lot older now and if I'm not subconciously realizing that. So my days tend to fly by now because I'm closer to death. You know, in the way that young people can't wait to get older and it seems like forever. Sounds like a mid-life crisis to me. I've also had that thought a few times of when I'm gone, it's just over, which I guess means I now officially know what I believe as far as the afterlife goes. Don't worry, I'm not dwelling on these thoughts, they've popped in my head here and there. Luckily, I'm to broke to go buy a convertible or motorcycle and I'm to much in love to get a younger wife.

I've also had some weird dreams as of late. Is that a sign of getting older that I missed? The other night I dreamed that my mom had disappeared. Last night, I had a dream where our whole family was sitting outside a bar/restaurant trying to get my aunt and uncle out of it. I couldn't tell you the last time I've ever seen them drink, let alone drunk, but here we were. My mom sent me in with a few dollars just to put on their table as a tip and to let them know we were outside. Like an intervention or something. Really weird, even weirder if you knew the aunt and uncle.

Day 13, LaPorte, IN

I took the time to check out how far I've walked so far up through yesterday. I've gone 38.2 miles since the first of the year.

I was sure to add the corner of that screen cap up there, that's Lake Michigan. I might alter my route some and go right up to the lake. I don't know, it'll probably depend on what kind of photos Google maps has for those roads, if they even have street shots. It might be kind of cool to see. I also might change my destination and just kind of wonder around the states and look at touristy places. I haven't decided yet. I also need to get a new cover picture before the walking stuff.

Here's where I would have stayed last night. I'm still on the highway but I'll be heading into a city soon so I'll have better screen caps.

We are going car shopping today so I should get more than my usual 1000 steps that I tend to get on the weekends.

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