Saturday, January 7, 2017

You people scare me

How much do I hate people? More than I like driving fast.

I'm a lead foot, I drive faster than most others on the road. However, I'm not aggressive, if I get behind someone going slower, I usually just slow down and get behind them. Even on 4 lane roads, if my next turn is a right turn, I get in the right lane and stay in it, even if I'm not turning for awhile and there isn't much traffic. Now I won't if they are ridiculously slow, but you know, around speed limit slow I do.

Today, I was driving my daughter and her 2 friends to the mall (which you would already know if you followed my Facebook page). The route there, I took the faster route. It was snowing, roads were a little slick at places but not real bad. I didn't enjoy my ride there at all. I just don't trust people, especially when conditions are getting bad. People are stupid and become even more dumb behind the wheel of a car. I've been in accidents and I know how I react, I trust my driving. Or maybe it has to do with my oldest being in a car accident yesterday, but I just didn't feel all that comfortable.

So on the way home (and there and back, when I picked them up), I took the slow route. Speed limit is between 30-40 and it is probably the most direct route. It's 2 lanes all the way up until the road the mall is on. Now remember where I said it was snowing and roads were a little slick. The faster route is pretty well traveled and also straight so the roads were decent where as the slower route is less traveled and curvy. Did I mention it's curvy because it follows the river?

The slower route was much more comfortable, despite all that. Why? Less people. I didn't feel like my head had to be on a swivel because I didn't have to watch as many people driving.

Maybe it's my old age, maybe not, all I know is how I felt driving today.

Day #6, New Carlisle, IN
I did make it another 3.48 miles yesterday. I ended up having to stay at a flea market. It was the only thing there, things are starting to get rural outside South Bend. It's considered New Carlisle but technically, the town is North of the highway I'm on. Which is good as far as the zombies are concerned, there is getting less and less of them.

I might take a couple of days out here just for a nice break (in the real world, it's the weekend and it's freezing out so I probably won't walk much).

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