Wednesday, January 11, 2017


On the road that my job is on, there is a spot a couple of businesses down that floods anytime we get any kind of precipitation. Yesterday, we had a ton of rain, I'm not sure if even rained last night or not but when I went to work, it was still flooded. Now when I say flooded, I don't mean a little puddle of water. I mean, the kind where you drive in the middle of the road, slowly, so you don't end up flooding the bottom of your car. Anyways, I went to work and since I'm a little more intelligent then most, I drove through the middle and when I got to the other side, I tried to accelerate just a little bit since I crawl through the flood only it was solid ice from where cars fly through and drag the water out. Did I mention it was in the mid 20's this morning. I drove to work and parked. I generally park towards the end of the lot near the road and I get to work about 20 minutes until I have to be there and I sit, relax and listen to music. This morning however, I didn't put my head back and close my eyes, I sat and watched all the idiots fly past work. I watched all my fellow employees try to stop to turn in only to slide right past the entrance. The closer it got to 6, the funnier it got. I even saw one car fly completely past. Then about a minute later, they came back to it, in reverse.

I just found it really funny because from where the flooded part ends to the entrance at work, it really isn't that far, really no need to accelerate much at all, but most people do. I see this all the time on the roads. The light ahead will be red and people keep accelerating like they are going to get somewhere. I just don't see the point other than wasting your gas.

Day 10, Rolling Prairie, IN

I added another 4.9 miles today and I'm really getting in the middle of nowhere.

While I enjoy checking the map to see where I'm at and even enjoy checking the area for a place to sleep. The whole zombie thing isn't really much of the story line so I'm debating on continuing that. I'll still do the updates and check where I'm at, just don't know about the story part of it. We'll see. I'll probably definitely lean that way when I end up in these rural areas where nothing is around.

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