Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Better than average

I actually crashed last night just after 10. The 4 hours sleep the night before caught up with me. I was still tired when I got to work. I had a pretty boring day at work, there isn't a whole lot to do, We are about a week ahead so everything I do, I try to do slowly to make it stretch. It tends to make for a longer day but even if I'm moving slower, at least I'm moving otherwise the day would be really bad.

The good news, for me at least, the big customer that we have, cancelled their order today. All of their parts come down to shipping already boxed so it ends up being a lot of forklift driving. So instead, I did a lot on my own 2 feet, which means, I got more steps than I usually do. Of course, you won't know until tomorrow.

Day 23 - Burns Harbor, IN (60.7 total miles)
I walked 6,863 steps yesterday which is over my average during work. According to Fitbit, I average around 5,700 on work days. That put me in Burns Harbor, IN. Again, there wasn't much to look at where I finished but what I love about using my steps on Google Maps is that I end up playing around on it when I'm done.

I'm assuming all that is one company, that place is freaking huge. It's a metal place, you can see the name down there at the entrance on the bottom right. Where the name crosses the road down there, that's where I'm at. I also learned that Burns Harbor has an International Harbor. It's to the left of where the photo ends so you can't see it. Why there is an International Harbor on Lake Michigan is beyond me but what do I know about shipping via boats?

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