Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Still going

I did a whole lot of nothing this past weekend. How much is a whole lot of nothing? I walked just over 2,000 steps, both days combined. Basically on Saturday, the only thing I did was drive my daughter and her 2 friends back and forth to the mall. Sunday, I rarely left my recliner. Which is why I didn't bother posting my miles that I walked. Or should I say l, the less than a mile that I walked. I did work yesterday, so there is that.

Day 7, 8 & 9, New Carlisle, IN

3 days and only 5 miles. I had to hole up here just outside New Carlisle as a horde of zombies came strolling down US 2. I assume it followed me out of South Bend. Not necessarily followed me but more traveled the same route. I do envy that they just keep going even though they are falling apart, quite literally. I have troubling going to far without my knees or legs hurting. Anyways, I waited them out and decided it was safe to leave this afternoon. I got around 5 miles but I'm still on the outskirts of New Carlisle. I found a pretty great place to hole up for tonight. It's a decent sized house but what makes it great is there is little around and it's a little ways off the road in case another horde comes through.



  1. Last Saturday I didn't go out of the house at all (& was in my pj's for most of it). That afternoon I started to feel guilty about not working out & decided to use (!) my treadmill. Turned it on....and there's an error message. I went back to whatever nothing I was doing - shrug. I have someone coming out to fix the darn thing tomorrow.

    1. Most weekends I don't do anything. I like to say it's because I've worked all week but I know it's just because I'm lazy.