Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Day #3 - Indiana

Woo Hoo! I've actually posted a few days in a row. So even if I stay fat, I've at least accomplished that. It hasn't really motivated me to walk a whole lot more but I am enjoying looking at the map and seeing where I'm at the next day. The only "extra" walking I'm doing right now is when I fill up my propane tank at work, instead of standing there for 15 minutes, I walk while it's filling up. Nobody has caught me doing it yet as it's in the back of the building. When it gets warmer, it'll be obvious because garage doors will be open and more people will be outside. Right now, it's cold and everybody (except the smokers) avoids the cold. That's my excuse for not walking when I get home, it's to cold. It's probably going to take me over a year to get to Salt Lake.

As for yesterday, I walked 3.46 miles so definitely better than the last few. I walked all the way through the neighboring town without stopping. It was probably a mistake as the road I was taking took me right through downtown. It was definitely a good idea to take the ax because there were a lot of them swarming about. I stuck to the sidewalk and for the most part, they didn't see me between the cars parallel parked and the buildings. Once I got out of town, I followed the river so I really only had to watch out one side of the road. Tomorrow will be a rough day as I will be hitting the biggest city in this area but with a decent page, I may be able to get all the way through time.

Here's the cozy house I stayed in last night.

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