Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 16 - Michigan City, Indiana

Day 14, 15 & 16, Michigan City, Indiana
Yeah! I found a new cover for these walking posts. I didn't do a whole lot of walking this past weekend, Saturday and Sunday combined for just under 2 miles. The pathetic thing is that's more than a lot of my weekends.

I haven't completely decided where I'm walking yet but I did play around on Google maps for awhile last night. Looking at certain places and such so I have a vague idea, just not positive. I do know the foreseeable future as far as where I'm going just not any further.

Monday I went back to work but I've been doing quite a bit on the forklift so I haven't been getting really good mileage. To bad driving didn't count for miles, then I'd be crushing it.

43.4 Miles
As you can tell, I'm taking some back roads around Michigan City just so you all can see the view from the lake. I found a road that follows it for a bit so I'm hoping I can get some good shots for you. I'll also go by, pretty much the only thing I go to Michigan City for and show you that but that's a few days away, maybe a week at how slow I'm going.

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