Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We made it to Long Beach. Indiana that is

I had some thoughts on some extra thoughts for today but I ended up fighting sleep for to long, that I didn't get started early enough so you get nothing.

Yesterday and today were both busy forklift days so I didn't get to far on my steps. Thursday and Friday should be better.

Day 17, Long Beach, IN - 46.37 Miles

Yeah, I didn't know there was a Long Beach, IN either. Remember when I said I was taking a back road to get to the lake because I found a road that follows it a bit? Well, apparently that road is in Long Beach, which it just barely out of Michigan City.

Notice the beach drive, should have great views, right? I should have zoomed in closer, because this is the view of the lake that you get.

You can see it, kinda, back there in the back.

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