Monday, January 30, 2023

This Week - Journal

Monday (January 23rd)

Went into work and something happened to where the tanks turned on too early. I don't know if a power outage screwed up the system or what but 2 of the tanks were almost empty so I spent the first hour trying to get the tanks filled back up.

Cheri scheduled the garage guys to come fix ours tomorrow afternoon which is perfect because there is supposed to be a storm coming in. It's only been one night parking outside and I'm already over it.

Tuesday (January 24th)

Nothing really special happened today. I got home right after the guy got here to fix our garage door. We're supposed to get hit with a pretty big snowstorm tomorrow morning so I'm happy to be able to park in the garage again.

Wednesday (January 25th)

I stayed over 20 minutes at work trying to get some last second stuff done so I'll get to leave a little early on Friday. We called Danna back for 2 10 hour days tomorrow and Friday and we tried to call Mecario back for next week but we haven't heard back from him. If he doesn't call back then Danna will get his hours.

I came home and Cheri needed to go to JC Penny's to pick up something she ordered so we left a little early to hit CVS to pick up her pain patches then grabbed supper at Barnaby's because it was before 5 and we like to get there before the rush. We definitely did that as we were the only ones there when we got there. Which is totally different then the last time we were there and it was so loud. After that we hit Penny's and did the curbside and then headed home for the evening.

Thursday (January 26th)

My boss gave me a bunch of stuff to do like I don't have anything else to do. I don't have a problem getting done what he asked other than he wants it done by tomorrow. That's probably not going to happen but whatever.

I came home and finished logging my Thomas cards and then started the sorting for the shop. I was extremely sleeping and did a lot of head bobbing while working on them. It might be an early bedtime for me tonight.

Friday (January 27th)

That stuff I was supposed to do for the boss. I didn't hardly do anything towards it. I didn't even have a chance. I had to leave a little after noon so I don't go over my 40 hours.

Came home and chilled with Cheri for a bit before heading  downstairs to sort more cards for the local shop.

Saturday (January 28th)

Kevin picked me up and we headed off to Lansing for a card show. It took about 2 hours and 20 minutes to get there but the ride was much more pleasant than last time. No backroads or constuction. The show went alright, it was really busy but the sales didn't concur with the traffic. It wasn't a bad show money wise, just not as good as we usually do there.

Sunday (January 29th)

I actually slept through the night for the first time in awhile. This stupid cold has been kicking my ass but hopefully it is on it's way out. I was sleeping so well that Cheri woke me up so I didn't sleep too long.

I finished sorting the cards for Fred and boxed them back up and then started logging my cards that I picked up yesterday in.

Worked texted to tell me they changed our hours, for no particular reason. I responded with, I'm changing my phone number so you can't annoy me until I get to work.

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