Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catching Up

I’ve been getting a little sporadic as of late.  My boring life has become busy with baseball season rolling around.  As you know, I am now coaching my son’s team because they couldn’t find anyone else.  I’m also assisting Samantha’s coach at her games.  So now 4 nights a week, you can find me at the ballpark.

Saturday was Opening day.  I took a vacation day off of posted overtime at work so I could be there at 9am for ceremony’s, noon for Samantha’s game and 2 for Trevor’s game.  It was crappy weather, rained all morning.  First they delayed opening day ceremony’s until 10 hoping the rain would break.  It didn’t.  At 10 we went ahead and did it in the rain and got soaked.  They ended up cancelling both games.  So basically, I wasted 8 hours of time and a half to stand in the rain.

Sunday, I went to work for some double time, but had to request to leave early because they rescheduled both games for Sunday afternoon.  Luckily my boss is a coach, so he understands.  I had to take a point though because I hadn’t previously put in a vacation day for it.  Good thing I don’t ever call in so I have plenty of points to give.  Samantha lost her game, I missed the end of it because I had to leave to start coaching Trevor’s game.  Trevor lost his but at his age they don’t keep track of scores.  That game was my coaching debut.

Monday night, Trevor’s game ended up being cancelled as well as Samantha’s practice.  Just chilled at home, wasn’t really in the mood to do anything but relax.

Tuesday night, Samantha played a game in the drizzle.  She walked all 3 at bats, which was a definite improvement from last week.  Scored once, got left on base once, and got called out because the coach touched her rounding third which is a big no-no.  He was sending her home so she rounded and then changed his mind, yelled no, get back, and grabbed her to stop her.  So it definitely wasn’t her fault.  I’m enjoying watching her games more since they are actually playing closer to the real rules of baseball.

I haven’t done anything tonight but sat my butt on the couch and chilled.  Right now, I’m watching the Sox game, which you would know if you check out the widget over there to the right and probably down a bit.  Cheri went to bed already so I can watch it guilt free without feeling bad for making her watch it.  I try to tell myself she loves baseball when I watch games with her.  Even though I’m a pretty good liar, I apparently can’t lie to myself very well.  She hates watching baseball.  I feel bad that I suckered her in to help with Trevor’s team as well.  But she’s a big help so I can’t tell her not to.

One productive thing I did do tonight, was finish my blog roll.  I now have all the blogs I read (non-sports related) listed in the blog roll to the right, and down probably.  It went from 70 blogs to 174 blogs.  My sports and sports cards blogs (which I also update tonight) equals 263.  Add all those up, and a few other that aren’t related to those 3 lists and you get the grand total of 519.  That’s how many blog feeds I read in my Google Reader.  So now you understand why I tend to get behind on my blog reading.  Which is what I’m going to go do now.  Since I can now barely move my left arm.


Stupid cat!  Good thing I’m a nice guy and don’t like to disturb her.  Eventually I’ll have to when my arm falls asleep.  Just for the record, and because my wife will get upset if I didn’t explain, the trash bag in the background are clothes for Goodwill.  We don’t store our trash in the living room.  Cheri would freak!

Before I go, Saturday is our MS walk, if you want to still donate, click the banner below.  For those of you who have donated, thank you so much, it was greatly appreciated.

Click the following banner to donate to the National MS Society and support our cause. To view our personal involvement, click MS Sucks!

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  1. haha. I would never have noticed the trash bag if you hadn't mentioned it, but I understand her wanting it explained.

    Have fun on the MS walk - I wish you good weather! This weekend sucked!

    1. I know I tend to scope out the background on pics so I had to clarify. Didn't want the old lady coming down on me.

      Thanks! I thought of you in the rain, was hoping it wasn't raining that far south.