Sunday, July 27, 2014

Journal, July 26th

We got up and went to breakfast this morning and then went to a modular home lot to talk to them about a home.  Everything sounds great, but we’ll see what they come up with.  It would be nice to find land and pick out a brand new home that we like compared to getting an older house.  As in most things in my life though, it sounds to good to be true.  Something will go wrong, it usually does.

We sat around most of the day other than running to my mom’s to let her dogs and my brothers dogs out.  He went to Cedar Point today and my mom was dog sitting but they had something going on all afternoon and evening so we got contracted to let them out.  Between the 2 of them, they have 6 dogs and 4 of them are big dogs.  So when you open the door, you just step out of the way otherwise they will knock you on your ass.

Going to bed now since it’s almost 2 am, I’ll probably sleep in too much and not be able to go to bed early enough to get enough sleep before work Monday morning.

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  • I did manage a trade post to My Sports Obsession and Too Many Manninghams.  That says a lot as they take a little more time than just posting a quick ebay or COMC pickup.  I also did tomorrows posts for those 2 blogs where it’s essentially an update of what I posted on the 2 Tumblr blogs.
  • I posted 3 posts each (they were preset awhile ago) to all 6 of the everyday tumblrs as well.
  • I also posted 3 posts on My Life, then I got sidetracked when I realized I spelled my niece’s name wrong on 23 posts so I spent some time changing all those.

Here’s a listing of all the new (to us) episodes that we watched tonight.

  • Boston Legal (DVD, 4 episodes) – We are slowly going through the seasons on this through Netflix.  I’ve actually seen them but Cheri hasn’t.  We are in season 2 at the moment.  We only get 1 disc at a time so it’ll be awhile before we get through them all.
  • Beyond Scared Straight (DVR) – As I said before, I like seeing the kids that think they are bad asses end up crying in the end.
  • the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (DVR, 2 episodes) – First episode had Morgan Freeman as the main guest.  He’s funny because he acts irritated at everything Jimmy does.  The second episode from Friday had Jon Hamm, who I’m not really familiar with but their skit was hilarious, Jimmy could barely keep a straight face.  The end with Martha Stewart was funny mainly because she knew Jimmy hate mayonnaise so she brought a huge jar of it and Jimmy was grossed out.
  • Covert Affairs (DVR) – A decent episode and is setting up next weeks.
  • A bunch of reality shows that my wife usually watches while I’m at work but since she wasn’t home Thursday and Friday, she was behind and we watched everything else on the DVR that I watch.


  1. My sister has a modular home, and other than the really awful carpeting, it's nice. It has a great front porch, and the master bath is great, with a nice large walk in closet too.

    1. We have nothing against them, I think we almost prefer them because it's ours, nobody else has lived in it and we can design some of it ourselves. I'm hoping this works out.