Sunday, July 13, 2014

My new project

There hasn’t been anything really going on and I haven’t felt much like blogging so I haven’t.  I’ll try to be better.  It will go with my latest “online” project anyways.

This will sound stupid to a lot of you, if not all, but it’s what I do.  I started a new blog, don’t get excited, only members can view it and I will be very selective as it is all about my family and life.  So if you’re a family member or close friend, ask me and I’ll send you an invite (I’m not expecting anyone to ask, maybe my mom, that would be all that reads this.)  Basically, I’m combining all my social media into one blog.  Here’s the info at the top of the blog.

In a world of everything being online, I'm going to try to compile the life and times of myself from all my social media accounts into 1 place. It's definitely a long term goal and I would like to eventually be caught up to just add daily, but until then, there'll be multiple posts a day. You can check out the labels at the bottom of the page.

First I went to Shutterfly and transferred all my older photos to the new blog.  I tagged them all with the year they were taken and tagged everybody in them.  So I can go to the blog and click on my mom’s name, or grandmothers, and see every photo with them in it.  Or I can click the year and see everything for that year, or just click the photograph label and view only pictures.  I was born in 1973 but my photos start in 1978 and so far, I’m up to 2009.  I also tagged them all with Shutterfly so I know where they are online.  Once I got to 2008, May 22nd, 2008 to be exact (the day I signed up with Facebook), I started to add anything I’ve posted on Facebook.  If it’s a photo I copy it over, if it’s a status, I screen cap it and post it as well.  On March 31st of 2009 (the day I signed up with Twitter), I started adding any tweets from Twitter that I posted.  As I get later in those years, I’ll add other stuff.  Here’s my start dates for all my social media that I may be adding.


I haven’t decided what all I’m going to be adding, I will probably do everything up there but I think for the blogs, I’ll just provide a link rather than the whole content, other than personal photos, we’ll see.  I’m playing it by ear and hoping I have it figured out by the time I start hitting the blogs.

Why am I doing this?  Well for one, it would be nice if it was all centrally located into one spot.  What I’m hoping is when I’m gone (dead) that my kids or family can have a place to come and learn about me.  I realize that this will probably never be an issue but I think because my father died when I was only 8, I only have a few memories and whatever stories I’ve heard about him growing up, I feel like I don’t really know him much.  I guess this is my way of leaving some kind of legacy.  With all the online content that’s being put out there, why not keep all of mine in one spot.

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