Thursday, July 24, 2014

Journal, July 24th

They took down the possibility of working on Saturday so now there should be no reason for me too.  My brother came up to me at a quarter till 2 (I get off at 2) and asked if I wanted to go golfing after work.  Hells yeah!  Cheri’s out of town today and tomorrow so I had to go to my moms and pick up the kids, come home and change, drop the kids off at my brothers, then go to the course.

We go to a place up in Michigan, it’s only 5 minutes or so from my brothers house.  It’s only 9 holes, which works for us and it’s a decent course.  I did alright, I was very inconsistent and I still shank about 1/5 of my pitching wedge shots because I’m still getting used to the new irons, especially the pitching wedge.  I had a few drives that went right that I had to correct but my iron play was decent, as it usually is.  I did have 1 hole where it was 260 yards to the green and I crushed it to the right of the green.  That might be my longest drive ever.  I have golfed off and on for over 25 years but I’ve only been using an actual driver less than a year.  I used to use a driving iron instead until it broke on the course so I figured I should try a driver again, and surprise, I can actually hit it decent now.  I ended up with a 46 which was good enough to take our 4some.  I won by 4 strokes over my brother who had a pretty good game for himself.  He was chipping well which he never does and putting like a madman.  He usually putts well but he was exceptional today.

Afterwards, I picked up the kids and we headed off to Subway (their choice) for some supper and then home.  I talked to Cheri for a bit on the phone and haven’t really done much since.  Been watching TV but mostly reruns for me so they won’t be listed below.  With Cheri not being here, I can only watch certain shows so we can watch the others together.  A couple of the shows I like that she doesn’t are on tonight so I’ll probably watch those.

I did manage to squeeze out 15 posts onto “My Life”, which is the special project I was telling you about a couple of weeks ago.  I’m now up to April 15th, 2009.  I just started tweeting and I went a little nuts.  Every day of April so far, I’ve posted a minimum of 2 tweets and sometimes as many as 5.  I’ll be glad when I get back to my normal tweeting of hardly ever.  That blog will go a lot quicker.

Here’s a listing of all the new (to us) episodes that we watched tonight.

  • Defiance (DVR) – This is one of the shows that I mainly watch just to watch.  It’s an alright show but I’m not really into it to where I must see it.  I have a few shows like that, their ok, but nothing spectacular.
  • Dominion (DVR) – This show I’m a little more into, good angels and bad angels fighting for/against humanity.

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