Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Journal, July 16th

I was working on my special project, I guess I need to come up with a name so I can refer to it on this blog, and I hit the end of March (2009) when I joined Twitter.  Holy crap, did I tweet a lot.  I’m hoping that doesn’t last long.  I was getting a month or so done on the nights I worked on it, but April took a whole night and I haven’t even posted anything yet, just screen crapped everything.  I don’t hardly ever post anything to Twitter or Facebook now, other than plugs to my blog posts but I won’t be putting those on that blog because they will already be featured on the section of the blog it was originally posted.  Although I am looking forward to May because that is when Cheri and I start dating so it’ll be fun to go over again.

I’m posting on all my Tumblr blogs again, it’s been awhile there as well.  I’m trying to start posting on My Sports Obsession too.  I posted a quick one last night saying I might be returning, we’ll see if I actually do.  As far as the Tumblr ones go, I’m trying to set up 3 posts for the next day each night instead of sitting down and spending a whole evening then getting a weeks done, but then I get out of the habit of posting and go a week or longer before I post again.

They didn’t post any overtime this weekend.  The 2nd shift guy has vacation days Friday thru Sunday so I have to work 12 hours and I really didn’t want to do it Friday and Sunday.  I knew we’d have Saturday off because it’s the day of the company picnic.  Although if they had made 2nd shift come in after the picnic, I would have had to come in to cover half the shift.

Trevor, who never comes out of his room, actually went outside and rode around on his scooter for about an hour.  We were shocked.  We didn’t even tell him to go out and play, he just went.  Then when he came in, he wanted to play chess with me, which he hasn’t done in awhile.  We played 5 or 6 rounds before he headed off to the shower.  It was nice, there are some nights where I see him at supper and bedtime, and the occasional peek in on him on my way to the bathroom.

Here’s a listing of all the new episodes that we watched tonight.

  • Arrow (DVR & Live) – We watched the 1st season on Netflix and are now watching season 2 on the replays throughout the summer.  We watched the one from last week as well as tonight’s episode.
  • Sullivan and Son (DVR) – This show is a lot better than I thought it would be, sometimes the raunchy humor is hilarious.
  • Married at First Sight (DVR) – A new reality show where 3 couples get married and have to live together for 30 days.  Oh yeah, they never met until the actual wedding.
  • Covert Affairs (DVR) – I like this show but I’m not really into it like I used to be.
  • The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (DVR) – The main guest star was Cameron Diaz.  She’s always funny because her and Jimmy are good friends in real life so they always have a good time.
  • Extant (Live) – I’m liking this show already, doesn’t help that Halle Berry stars in it.
  • Taxi Brooklyn (Live) – It’s an alright show, I don’t hate.  Cheri and I like the lead actress, we knew her from her stint on Grey’s Anatomy.

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