Friday, July 25, 2014

Journal, July 25th

Most days I post the last song that I listened to off my Spotify playlist – Anything & Everything, to my Tumblr blog A Day in the Life of a Nobody.  Here’s the album cover, click it to find out what song it was and to play it so you can listen too.

I did post one to My Sports Obsession, that’ll probably be it for this evening.  Not much of anything going on this weekend so I’m hoping to get some stuff done, but we’ll see.  Sometimes I’m just not in the mood.

So I went to meet theEx at our usual meeting place at 4:30, I was there early, as I always am.  About 5 minutes after our meeting, I received a text from her that she just woke up.  She lives about 25 minutes away.  I just went home and told her she could pick up the kids at 8 tonight at our place.

Right after she text me about just waking up, the JackAss starting texting Samantha.  She wasn’t happy about it, she didn’t want to talk to him.  Despite me telling her to ignore him, she responded and eventually she said that he said that he got bit by a horse on his knee and it broke his prosthetic.  He said he had to go to the hospital.  How much of this is true, we’ll probably never know since we can’t really believe a word out of his mouth, but it gave us all a good laugh.  My guess is if it did happen, he went to the hospital to get it on record so he can sue someone since he’s such a douchebag.

Cheri got home from her trip around 4:30 and we’ve been sitting and catching up on the DVR.  We will probably head to bed early tonight, she’s exhausted from the conference and the driving.

Here’s a listing of all the new (to us) episodes that we watched tonight.

  • Hot in Cleveland (DVR) – This show has it’s funny moments which makes it worth watching.
  • Taxi Brooklyn (DVR) – Still not sure what to make of this show.  It’s alright, nothing special.  I’m guessing it probably won’t last long.
  • Big Smo (DVR) – I like country music, I like some rap music.  Why not?  There were 2 episodes on the DVR.
  • Impractical Jokers (DVR) – If you’re not watching this show, you are missing out.  Every week I laugh harder than I do at anything else.
  • The Carbonaro Effect (DVR) – This magic prank show has some really great clips.  The people’s reactions to things changing right in front of them is hilarious.
  • Married (DVR) – This episode wasn’t as good as the first one, we’ll see if it gets better.
  • the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (DVR) – It’s from Thursday night, main guest was Robin Wright.  Actually recognized the band tonight – Weezer.  It was a new song but at least it was something I could tolerate.

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