Saturday, April 27, 2013

A to Z Challenge - X

If your new to this Challenge, every day of April, minus the Sundays you blog about the letter assigned for that day. To find out why I’m blogging about what I’m blogging about, then go here. Today’s letter is

I’m curious to see what everybody else’s X words are.  The ones doing movies, I hope they like X-men.

Samantha’s word – X-ray

I’ve had a few of these in my day.  I’ve had all kind of ankle and knee injuries from back when I played basketball, pretty much every day of the week.  I grew up playing sports constantly so needless to say, plenty of injuries.  No broken bones diagnosed but I do wonder about my nose.  I took a knee to it playing football and it bleed profusely and I have a lump on my nose now.  I also had to have arthroscopic surgery on my knee back in high school from a basketball injury.  One of many but it was the worst.  So needless to say, I’ve had many X-rays.

Trevor’s word – Xlephone

Can’t blame Trevor for not being able to spell this one, I had to Google it.  Xylophone is an instrument, that starts with X.  That’s about all I know about it by name.  I want to say it has keys, maybe the thing you see at at high school football games where they use the drumsticks like things to play.  Ok. I actually looked at the Google results and I was right in what I was thinking.

Want to know what the A to Z Challenge is all about? Check it out at the A to Z Challenge blog.


  1. Replies
    1. That's why you have the kids pick your words.

  2. X was a hard one. We have an award for you to pick up over at Laughing at Life, 2. Click this link

  3. X is definitely a hard one but looks like everyone pulled through. :) Can you believe A to Z is almost over? Will you miss it or celebrate?

    1. I will miss the fact that I posted everyday but I certainly won't miss posting everyday.