Thursday, April 4, 2013

A to Z Challenge – D

If your new to this Challenge, every day of April, minus the Sundays you blog about the letter assigned for that day. To find out why I’m blogging about what I’m blogging about, then go here. Today’s letter is

Samantha’s word – Dog

I had a great dog growing up, Taffy.  She was a cocker spaniel and the reason we got her is because the night before, we were at an uncle’s house and we stole a baby kitten.  We ended up getting caught that night because we wouldn’t go to sleep and my mom came in the room and saw this animal shoot across the room.  Needless to say, it had to go back to my uncle’s, something about it being too young to be away from it’s mother.  So my mom bought us a dog, and we had her for a long time.  I remember being out of the house when she was hit by a car.

But she was the perfect dog, small enough to be a lap dog but big enough you could play rough with it.  We had it all the way through our teen years and we have all kinds of stories from her.

But I’m not much of a Dog guy anymore, I prefer cats.  They can take care of themselves and I don’t have to take them for walk or to go to the bathroom.  Sure they may not be as chummy but I hate when dogs are up your butt everywhere you go.  Mainly, I’m lazy and prefer a self sufficient pet.

Trevor’s word – Deer

Trevor seems to get me every time, gives me something that I don’t have much to say with.  I think of deer and I think of creaming one on the highway.  I have never hit one but have had one hit me.  I was flying on a back road with my brother in my Toyota MR2 (I loved that car) and one ran out in front of the car.  I slammed on the breaks and started to slide sideways and somehow just missed the one on front of me but another came out and ran into my car at the rear above the tire.  I have no idea how we slipped between the 2 deer but we did.  Now my brother has creamed one and totaled a car but I haven’t, yet.

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  1. Best of luck. As I've opined elsewhere, I have trouble enough writing, period, without imposing artificial deadlines on myself.