Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Randomness #12

Due to the A to Z Challenge, I’m not posting much this month other than those posts.  But I have Sunday’s off from the Challenge so I’ll throw a Randomness post to cover the week.  I typed this out throughout the week.


I worked today.  Nothing really going on.  Samantha actually got a practice in tonight so there’s a positive.  She’s had 3 or 4 now.  Trevor is still waiting on his first.


Mark (my foreman) came up to me and pulled out the calibration sheets in my section.  It was about 2 months worth and my name was nowhere to be found.  He asked why I didn’t fill them out every morning.  I told him I didn’t have a pen.  He said he will make sure I have a pen every morning just so I can fill out the sheet.  Then he stuck around and talking and going through my stuff.  He opened the flap of the bag I carry my stuff in and there sat a pen.  Oops.  I told him he wasn’t supposed to look in there.  He said so you were lying to me, maybe I should right you up.  I said go ahead, write me up a couple of times so I can have a 3 day suspension.  My next 3 work days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I’ll take those days off.

They can’t really threaten to write me up, I tend to tell them to go ahead, I don’t care.


Samantha had her batting practice canceled so as you can tell, we are still battling the rain.  We’ll see if she gets to practice tomorrow.


Woke up this morning, took the kids to bed, came home and crawled back in to bed with Cheri.  That was probably a mistake.  I ended up sleeping until after noon.  While it felt great to do so, half my day was gone.  I missed at least 4 hours of sitting on my ass on the couch.  I can’t believe it.


Samantha had her practice today.  They both have their first games on Saturday, which I will miss.  These will be the first games that I missed because of work.  I decided that I just can afford to take the time off to go to their games like I did last year.  Although, last year it was kind of forced because after I started coaching, work announce the change in hours half way through the season.  It pisses me off that work took this away from me.  I won’t be happy throughout the season, I can tell you that now.


We went out to Play it Again sports and bought the kids their baseball pants, got home just in time to get him changed and off to his first practice.  While Trevor was at practice, I received a text from Samantha’s coach saying they weren’t providing socks this year so we had to purchase some red ones.  Sure enough, I picked up Trevor who had his uniform, and no socks.  So the $150+ (I don’t remember exactly how much, but it was at least that) that we paid for both kids to play, and they can’t provide socks.  On top of that, they need them by Saturday, so they gave us 2 days notice.  Needless to say, we weren’t happy.


Back to work today.  Not much going on there.  My mom took the kids shopping tonight and picked up Samantha some cleats as well as picking up the afore mentioned socks for us.  Although Trevor told her black when it was supposed to be gold.  The coach had told the team black but then had text me later and said he made a mistake and to grab gold.  We hadn’t told Trevor so he was adamant to my mom about black so they bought him black.  Can’t really blame him there.  So he’ll wear black tomorrow for his game and we’ll pick him up some gold ones later.


Today marked the first time since my kids have started playing little league (5 years) that I am not involved in any way with either of their teams.  I’m rather pissed about it.  I was asked to be Samantha’s head coach but I had to turn it down due to my stupid 12 hour day work schedule.  I also had to miss both of their first games today which I’ve have rarely missed any of their games in their lifetime.  Needless to say, I was pissy all day.  Cheri did a great job texting me updates of what was going on and they both won their games.  Cheri said they both played well.  Tomorrow, I go back to work.  I hate these 12 hour days, they are even worse when I have to work them Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


This is the last Sunday Randomness as the A to Z Challenge will be over on Tuesday.  I still need to write out the last couple.  I’ve stayed up to date for the most part throughout the month.  While it was nice making new friends, I’m kind of looking forward to a more laid back schedule again.  For those newbies here, that’s pretty much I post when I feel like it.


Long, slow day at work.  Sunday’s always are between less metal and everyone is wore out from the 3rd straight day of 12 hours.  But the end of the work day means my 2 day work week.  I only work on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

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