Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Randomness #9

Due to the A to Z Challenge, I’m not posting much this month other than those posts.  But I have Sunday’s off from the Challenge so I’ll throw a Randomness post to cover the week.  I typed this out throughout the week.


April Fools day, pffft.  Don’t care.  It’s Opening Day baby!  The Chicago White Sox have their first game today.  I’ve already warned the wife that I’d be watching the game.  I’m really excited due to the fact that I didn’t get to see any of their spring games.


I’m trying to at least check out all 1759 blogs on the A to Z Challenge board.  I’m realizing there are a lot of book and writer blogs out there.  I’ve gone through the first 300 and I’ve saved 26.  I may delete some of those as it goes but those are the ones I’m keeping an eye on for now.  I started an A to Z Challenge folder on my reader and I throw them all in there, if I end up not liking them, they are easy to find and delete.

Speaking of the A to Z Challenge, I realized today that on the master list of blogs that joined the challenge, apparently, when I added my link, I put instead of  Notice the difference?  Obviously I didn’t when I checked everything over before I submitted.  So the whole reason I joined this challenge is to possibly boost my viewership and nobody can go to my blog unless they figure out the problem.  I’m an idiot.  I sent them a tweet asking them to fix it, even though the bottom of the blog post says this.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge- 2013 A TO Z CHALLENGE SIGN UP-LIST

I swear I doubled checked it, so I feel like an ass asking, but if they don’t change it, it’s all for nothing.


I started Tuesday off arguing with Cheri about Skyler.  She came home from dropping off her boyfriend complaining that she hadn’t eaten in 22 hours and that she was hungry.  Cheri kept asking her “What do you want?” but she wouldn’t say, Cheri kept making suggestions, we are going here, do you want something?  No.  Well we can go here?  No.  It’s just majorly got on my nerves.  If she won’t tell you what she wants, don’t get her anything.  I’m not going to have sympathy for you if you weren’t smart enough to get something to eat for 22 hours.  She was home all evening, there is food here.  It may not be what you want because every time we ask you what you want from the store, you give us nothing.  But there is food here.

Anyways, I was annoyed at all that happening and Cheri knew I was and prodded.  I ended up telling her everything about the whole money issue.  She thinks that I think since she’s more or less old enough to be on her own that I don’t want to parent anymore.  In actuality, I’m trying to make her responsible for her own crap, I believe that is parenting too.  She said that I get mad anytime she asks for money.  I get mad because she’s gotten a couple of packages in the mail or come home from the mall with new clothes or boots and then asks me for money.  The last time we paid her insurance, was right after she gets home from her week long spring break that she spent in Virginia, then gets home and tells us she has no money for it.  I don’t have a problem helping her out, but it’s hard helping someone who won’t help themselves.


I’m thinking about quitting the A to Z Challenge at this point.  I was mainly doing it to drive a little traffic my way and since they aren’t going to fix my link, that isn’t going to happen.  I don’t really have a problem with them not fixing it, it was my screw up, but let me know.  I have yet to receive a response to either of my tweets.  The first one asking, the second one begging.  At least tweet back, I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do.  Is that really that hard?  I think I’ll finish this week off and then see where I stand.

I do still plan on going through all the blogs for some more reading material, not that I need anymore.  Today, I got through another 210 and added another 15 to my reader.


Not much to say, I worked today so after 12 hours of being on my feet.  I generally come home and do nothing.


If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or my Facebook page, you know that I received my 5 year anniversary coat today at work.  It’s a nice Columbia jacket with my work logo on the front.  It’s a nice gift, especially since I’ve been there over 13 years.  I guess slow is better than nothing.


I spent an hour or so last night creating a folder on Feedly called “Android All.”  I have an “All” folder that has all my PG blogs, I have an “Adult” folder for, um, stuff I can’t open in public, I have an “All-Stars” folder for all those blogs that I try to stay up to date on (because I have a habit of getting a week behind) and I now have an “A to Z Challenge” folder for the blogs I’m following through the challenge.  I had to create the “Android All” folder because my Android devices (phone & Kindle) apps didn’t have an All-Items that I could read them all in order, which is what I normally do.  So I created the new folder so I could do just that.

About half way through my day at work, my devices both updated the Feedly app.  Guess what it added?  Yep, an All Items folder.  Just my luck to waste my time first.  Now if I could read them from oldest to newest on my devices, then I would use the Feedly apps.  Right now, I still use the Google Reader apps while it’s still here.  I’m hoping they add the option before July 1st when Google Reader quits.  I have that option on my laptop, just not on the apps.


I went to the A to Z Challenge page today to see if they fixed my link.  They didn’t, but I noticed they are deleting blogs that aren’t participating because I was #1109 and now I’m #1090.  So they are taking the time to check blogs, but can’t take 2 seconds to change the @ sign to a period in my link.  Not real happy about that.  I realize it was my fault but if you know me, then you know I check everything before I post anything.  I just didn’t catch it because it looked right, my brain just didn’t connect that it’s not an e-mail address but a web site address.  It’s supposed to read but what it reads is, notice the difference?  One freaking symbol.

I have been getting a few more comments but no new followers.  Of course, since I’m following a bunch, I’ve been commenting on some and I think that’s where they are coming from.  I also have a bunch of followers now that don’t ever click the follow me button too so that happens a lot too.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to quit the challenge or not.  I’m not really a quitter so I’ll probably stick it out.  I’m hoping to get through some more blogs tonight while watching the White Sox game.


I have decided to do mini reviews of the movies we watch.  Why not, it’s just something else I can do here.  I will tag them with Laws Reviews which used to be my entertainment review site.  But I was doing to much and deleted it.  They will be just quick reviews on whether or not we liked them, I probably won’t go into the stories much.

Red Dawn


Red Dawn (2012) – Cheri and I watched this Friday night.  It wasn’t horrible, had some good action and the story was decent.  If you don’t compare it to the original and watch it as a stand alone movie then I’d say it wasn’t bad at all.  It’s still far fetched as far as someone actually taking over America but that’s alright, as long as it entertains me, and this movie did.  Cheri was baking for her MS Fundraiser so she didn’t just sit and watch it, but she said what she saw it didn’t look bad.  I’d probably give it 3 out of 5 stars.



We had our MS fundraiser today, it went really well.  I’ll probably do it’s own post soon on it.  We raised almost $500 so far but you still have time to order from 31 Gifts.  Go to the site and order anything and 25% of proceeds will go towards the MS Walk or more directly, the MS Society.


Killing Them Softly


Killing Them Softly (2012) – The only thing I liked in this movie was the killing in one scene.  It was cool because it was in slow motion.  The gun shots, glass shattering and the car accident all in slow motion but it was so cool.  Now the rest of the movie was horrible, although I probably shouldn’t say that because in fact, it didn’t really hold my interest long enough for me to pay to attention.  As a matter of fact, the movie isn’t even over yet, I’m paying more attention to this review then the end of the movie.  I give it 1 out of 5 stars.



I got through another 90 blogs tonight in the A to Z Challenge.  Mostly during all the timeouts and half time of the Michigan/Syracuse game.  I added 4 more to my reader.  There are a crap load of writer’s that write blogs.  After the first 600 blogs, I’d have to say 80% of them are writers.  I don’t really follow any of them, that I know of.  I seem to be following blogs that are doing TV, Movies or the 80’s as their themes.  That’s the majority of the ones I’ve added so once they go back to their regular content, I’m not sure how many of them I’ll be keeping.

I already had next weeks blogs typed out for the challenge so I’ll probably post through this week as well.  We’ll see about after that.


National MS Society- Walk MS- Michiana 2012


  1. Saw this and will have to offer a big apology that you've slipped through the cracks like you did. I guess none of us saw the tweet! Sorry. I'm glad you chose to stick with it. I'll email Alex directly and try get this fixed ASAP.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. No problem! I appreciate the fix. It was my fault to begin with so as much as I would like to blame you guys, it was my fault. I did proofread it and still didn't notice it. Go figure. Like I said, I appreciate the fix and the shout out.