Monday, April 15, 2013

Randomness #10

I may decide to keep up with this and post every few days, even after the A to Z Challenge is over.  Since they are random, it’ll fit right in with the post.  Then if I have something I really want to talk about, it will have a post of it’s own.
I went through some more blogs today on the A to Z Challenge, I’m now up to 800 checked and around 30, maybe even 35 new blogs added to my reader.  But I’m over halfway and only 7 days in.
If I leave a comment on someone’s blog, I bookmark that blog under a folder called “Check Me” and then once a day, I go through that folder to see if they’ve commented back.  If they haven’t commented after a week, I then delete the bookmark.  I usually only have a few, maybe up to 5 bookmarks to check daily but since I’ve been going through the A to Z Challenge, the list is almost to the bottom of my screen (around 30).  I got into this habit after they took away the “notify me of replies” box but that may be back now but I still use this system.  Do you do something different?
I try to comment on most peoples comments on my blog.  Sometimes, there just really isn’t something to say.  But if there is, I say it.  I don’t know if they ever know that I did or not, but I do.  It actually kind of annoys me when I comment on someone’s blog and they don’t respond.  On my “My Sports Obsession” blog, because it’s a sports cards blog, the majority of the blogs are run by men and the majority of them have their e-mails attached so instead of leaving a comment to their comment, you can e-mail a response.  I actually like this better because I have grown some friendships with people whom I have never met.  That network of blogs just seems to be friendlier.  Also, if you follow somebody else’s blog in that network, they follow back.  That doesn’t happen here hardly at all.
I have to go back to work tomorrow, the start of my 5 day work week.  Not to thrilled about that.  So don’t be surprised if I don’t blog much this week, it usually wears me out.  Luckily, I already have my A to Z Challenge posts done for the week but not much further after that so sometime, I need to finish some of those up.
Not too much to say tonight.  I’m sitting down to watch my Michigan Wolverines hopefully bring home a championship.  I’ll probably go through more blogs during time outs and halftime.  I should go through my Feedly feeds because since I started reading the other blogs, I’ve gotten way behind.  Oh well, it’s game time now.  LET’S GO BLUE!!!
Work, blah, blah, blah.  I need to work on a resume for a position at work.  I hate doing resumes, I’m not good at bragging about myself.  It’s one thing to turn in to people who don’t know you, but it’s another to turn one in to people who you have worked with you and have already formed opinions about you.  When I put works well with others, I see them all laughing.
We desperately need to get a house so my kids don’t have to share a room.  This morning, they were slow moving because they were arguing about who changes clothes in the bedroom and who goes to the bathroom.  All they got for breakfast was a Nutri-Grain bar because they didn’t have time to eat cereal.  The new rule is, when I’m home, Sam gets the room.  When I’m not, Trevor gets it.  I hadn’t realized this was such an issue otherwise we would have made that rule a long time ago.
There won’t be a WWW Wednesdays this week because I haven’t finished the book I started last week.  I just haven’t had much time to read at work.  Everybody seems to want to talk to me on my breaks.
Don’t forget, even though the 31 party has ended, you can still donate to the MS Walk that we are doing on May 7th.
National MS Society- Walk MS- Michiana 2012
Today, my oldest daughter turned 18 so we picked her up a Dairy Queen cake per her request.  She didn’t get much from us due to us dishing out money for her car insurance (we told her we’d pay it but it was her gift) but she received a package from her grandmother in the mail.  She was more than happy with that, since she is by far her favorite person.  She hung around for a bit before running off with her boyfriend so that was about all we saw her.
I took Trevor to the library after school.  He’s been blowing through the series “the Magic Treehouse”.  He’s literally reading 2 or 3 a week.  I took him to the library a couple of weeks ago and he picked up 4.  He had read the first one within a day and had the other 3 down in a little over a week.  He also picked up a couple of them at the school library so he read 6 in 3 weeks.  He’s only 8.  But he comes by it naturally, only my obsession was the Hardy Boys.  I read a couple a week too.  Samantha gets in moods where she’ll read, then she won’t read for awhile.  She does say she enjoys reading though, she got a couple of Goosebump books at the library.  I’m happy to be raising a couple of readers.
Had to go back to work today.  Sherry didn’t show up so I had to run 2 cranes all day.  I’m wore out so I’m out.
Went into work to find out we had to do a quick class on chemical spills.  Considering I’m trained to work in both of the lab positions (only person in the plant trained to do both, not that I get any more money for it) I already know how to deal with chemical spills.  Not to mention, on our side of the line all you have to do is hose it down into the trough because it all filters into the Waste Treatment (also trained in that, but no more money).  So I just sat back and made fun of the guy leading it.  Mainly because he’s the guy that goes with me to Michigan games every year so we are friends.  And as my niece told me once “I’m a button pusher.”  I know there is one thing he absolutely hates, so I did it to him.  When I showed him, he actually attacked me.  Want to know what it was.
chemical spill training
I took his picture.  He hates his picture being taken.  It was in the paper once and I saved it on my Kindle and showed it to him all the time and he kept begging me to delete it.  Which was what he did when I showed him this picture, he pinned me against the wall and told me to delete it.  I laughed at him.  As you can tell, I didn’t delete it.  When I see him next week, I’ll be showing him the picture over and over.  Have to keep up my title of a button pusher.

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