Thursday, January 17, 2013

I’m partially OCD

I am OCD, a little.  I consider myself a man of routine.  I love routine.  But not so in love that I can’t change my routine if necessary.  But if it’s not necessary, I’m not changing it.  I am also a man of habit.  I do things a certain way and it doesn’t feel right when I do it differently.  Again, I can change when necessary, but only if it’s necessary.

Reason I know I’m OCD. (Reason I know it’s just a little bit).

  1. Digital volume - When I turn the volume up or down on the TV, I always stop on a number divisible by 5.  Even when we go to bed at night, the volume on the TV in the bedroom is always on 15.  (If the lower number is to low, and the higher number is to loud, I’ll put it in the middle.)  I do this with my car stereo also.
  2. Keys, wallet, ect. - I put daily items (keys, wallet, pj’s, phone, kindle) all in the same spot every night. (This is more so I don’t have to search all over for things.)  Now if I could get my teenager to do this with her keys.
  3. Spotify playlist – I pretend I’m doing a tournament to see which song is the last one standing, the truth is I don’t think it’s fair if I listen to 1 song a couple of times when there are other songs I haven’t heard yet. (If I want to hear a certain song, I’ll play it even if I’ve heard it recently.  Or even listen to my wife’s playlist (she doesn’t like a lot of them on mine) even though I’ll hear songs on mine.)  I think they need to create a random that doesn’t play a song twice until they’ve all be played.
  4. Baseball cards – All of the cards in my personal collections are all organized by either the year and brand, or by the player.  (When I get new cards, they sit forever before I put them away.  In stacks, unorganized.)  I have 2 stacks sitting next to me.
  5. Bathroom - When I walk into my bathroom, I flip the light on.  The problem is, if I walk in and the light is on, 95% of the time, I flip it off, just because it’s habit to walk in and hit the light.  (The other 5%, I catch myself before I hit the switch.)  I feel like an idiot every time I shut the light off on myself.
  6. Showers - When I hang my towel on the towel rack after my shower, I always put the tag in the back and hang it so it’s both ends are the same length.  (I hang the towel that I stand on over the shower curtain rod, doesn’t matter where the tag is or if it’s even.)  I don’t even know why I do this.
  7. Books – I read the books on my Kindle in accordance to when they were purchased.  I currently have 28 books downloaded on my Kindle.  When I finish one, I always go to the last one listed, the oldest on my Kindle, to get the next book.  (Right now I’m waiting on the next book of the Hallows series that comes out in a week or two, I’ll skip to that one when it comes out.)  Then I’ll go back to reading the oldest on my Kindle.
  8. Blogs – When I’m reading blogs on my Google Reader, I can’t get myself to clear them even when I’m way behind.  I currently have over 6000 posts in my Reader and I know it’ll be awhile if I ever get caught up, I can’t find it in me to delete everything and start new.  (I do delete certain blogs without reading them when I get this far behind, but they are picture only blogs that usually cater to 1 subject like the shows Friends, Supernatural, the Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother.)  Or porn (shhhh.)
  9. Mornings - When I wake up in the morning and have to pee, on work days, I roll off the bed and get dressed first because my dresser is right there and because I get dressed in the dark, I can see better before I go in the bathroom and turn on the light.  (Unless I really, really have to pee.)  Sometimes I dress really fast because I really, really have to pee.
  10. Public Seating - When I sit down in public, I never sit with my back to the door.  It sounds like an FBI thing, to keep an eye on my enemies but I think it’s more because I like to watch people.  (Sometimes my wife beats me to the table and takes the spot I want.)  I don’t say anything because I don’t want her to think I’m weird or something.
  11. Laptop – When I click on my browser button, it opens 10 tabs.  I always go through each tab before I do anything else on my computer.  (Unless I have a few minutes before I need to leave and I need to map something.)  That doesn’t happen often, I usually Google map it way before the last minute.
  12. Collecting – I’ve always been Obsessive Compulsive on the collecting side of my life.  Whatever I’m into at the time, I go all in.  Sometimes overboard.  I’ve done this with music, movies, books and especially sports cards.  (I’ve limited all my spending which has slowed these tendencies down.)  Limited my spending means I’m broke.  Funny how that tends to slow your spending.
  13. Social Media – I know your shocked to see this one on the list.  I love blogging and I can be obsessive.  Technically, I run 3 blogger blogs (one is a personal journal that’s not public) and 4 Tumblr blogs, plus I guest post on another blogger blog occasionally.  But that’s not the worst of it.  I also have Facebook pages for 3 of them, 4 different Twitter accounts, an Instagram, GetGlue, Foursquare, and a GoodReads account.  I couldn’t even tell you offhand how many email addresses I have.  (I do, on occasion, ignore some of these blogs.  I also don’t post unless I have something to post.)  I’m definitely Social Media obsessed.

There are probably more, but that is all I can come up with.  I don’t really consider myself OCD because there is nothing that I have to do a certain way but I do definitely have OCD tendencies.


  1. You are never going to read those 6000 unread blogs. Time to delete them, even though some might be mine.

    1. Actually I have what I call an all-star list of the blogs that I want to stay current on, my favorites. Your in that so at the most, I'm only a day behind on yours.