Monday, January 14, 2013

Weird work day

I had a weird day at work.  I had just got done with break and was heading back to the line when my foreman stopped me.

Him - “Can you jump?”

Me - “What?”

Him - “Can you jump?”

Me - “I guess, why?”

Him - “Can you jump up and grab the ticket off the back of the carrier?”

Me - “I suppose, I used to back when I was on the floor (13 years ago)”

So I jumped, and fell short.  Crap!  No wait, let me try again.  This time I actually tried, and still fell short.  And my phone flew out of my pocket onto the floor.  Son of a bitch!

Me - “Like I don’t feel fat enough, thanks for making me feel like shit about my fat ass again”

Him – “They did add about 6 inches to that height since last time you tried.”

Me – “Oh yeah, that’s totally why I couldn’t get it.”

Him – “Sure it is.”

Me – “Bite me.  Dick.”

Then later on, I was on another break and the plant manager walks in and starts to tell me about his prostate surgery.  Explains that the prostate is 28 grams and his was 42 grams and they went in there and removed all the extra.  Even explained that they cut some ring and it eventually grows back.  He lost me, I was trying to block him out but be polite.  What the hell is going on here?  He doesn’t even like me, why is he telling me about his prostate?  I don’t even like to talk about it getting checked.  WTF?

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