Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quarterly Stats–volume 2, issue 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

The first 3 parts made up the first 19 months of the blog.  From now on, they will be quarterly posts so each will cover 3 months.

Blogger- Blogger Dashboard

I should have waited one more page view so it was an even 15,600.  At the last stats post on November 7th, I was at 10,839 page views.  Which tells me that even though my page views have been up, most people are too lazy to click the Followers button because that number stayed the same.  I had 58 more posts in the last 3 months for a 19 post a month average.  Not too shabby, it was probably mostly gibberish but it’s my gibberish so it counts.  Let’s break down the last 3 months of 2012.

Random Thoughts stats

October was my most productive month ever on this blog with 24 posts out of 31 days.  That was pretty good for me considering I only average 10-12 a month for most of this blog’s existence.  I started to get into the habit of posting periodically even if I didn’t have much to say.  That’s why you only see one Randomness post, because I wasn’t combining them all and just doing some short posts.  Plus this month I took the time to think about some past stories that I thought I could tell.  Problem was, I don’t lead an exciting life and I ran out of the stories pretty quickly.  It was pretty fitting that the title that put me over 100,000 words was titled “The First of an Obsession”.  Even though it’s not about blogging, I’m pretty sure we can say blogging is an obsession as well.

October 2012 – 24 posts – 15,170 words

  • average of 632 words per post.

Notice I didn’t put the pictures up there.  I have decided I didn’t care how many were posted anymore.  But I screen capped the image above just after October so they are still listed up there.  This was my most productive in total words with over 15,000 words, but it wasn’t my highest per post so it’s mainly high because there are more posts.  But 632 words per post is a great average that I’d like to keep.  My personal goal is 500 words per post every month.

Random Thoughts stats(1)

November wasn’t quite as productive with only 18 posts but still averaged more than 1 every 2 days so I can’t complain about that.  A couple more Randomness posts and less small worded posts so you can see I just don’t always take the time to throw out a quicky.  I like to do the Randomness posts instead and do them when I have more time.

November 2012 – 18 posts – 12,125 words

  • average of 674 words per post.

As you can see, I actually average more words this month then last month even though last month was more productive post wise.

Random Thoughts stats(2)

My production went down a couple more of posts.  And that’s with going back to Weekly Catch-Ups and I had 5 of those this month.  I just wasn’t in the mood to post much, I’m actually still kind of in that mood but I’m trying to get some stuff out there.  I have ideas, just have to get my ass in gear.  You will notice I took off the picture numbers finally so you won’t have to deal with those anymore.

December 2012 – 16 posts – 11,984 words

  • average of 749 words per post

Nice number for words per post, I even had 3 posts in a row at over 1,000.  I didn’t make it to 150,000 words by the end of the year, and at the rate I’ve been feeling about posting lately, it may take till February.  Let’s compare my yearly totals since this is the end of my fiscal year (don’t I sound smart).

Year 1 (2011, 11 months) – 22,689 words

Year 2 (2012) – 114,876 words

Yeah, I’m definitely getting a little more productive on my posts.  Little bit of difference between those numbers.  You can see that 2011 was only 11 months, that’s because I started this blog in February so that actually means I have an anniversary coming up.  I’ll have to think of something to do to celebrate.

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