Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TheEX and the JackAss, episode 12

How hard is it to be on time?  I’m getting so sick of waiting around for theEx and the JackAss because they can’t be on time.  This used to be a real issue when those 2 first got together but it got corrected.  Now they seem to be reverting back to being tardy all the time.  Now, if you know me, I hate to be late.  I think it’s rude and it makes you look like your time is more important than whoever else’s your meeting.  If the weather is bad, you leave earlier.  I’m almost always early meeting them because I have to cross a set of railroad tracks and I leave a little early just in case.  So when there isn’t a train, I’m usually at a minimum, 5 minutes early.

It started when the JackAss was supposed to drop Samantha off at Girl Scouts a few Saturdays ago.  I told him she had to be there at 9:15 (the troop leader told me 9:30).  It was such an issue just to get them to agree to take her because it was on a weekend.

06     08     07

The first one I’m telling her about the scout outing, the 2nd one is the copy of the FB post about it, so she could see when it was posted.  The 3rd one is just her bitching.

09     10     11

1st one, still explaining what’s going on (my phone duplicated a message, it does that).  There was a phone call there and she said that the JackAss would take her.  So I let the troop leader know.  The 2nd and 3rd you’ll like.  She really has to ask what my problem with him is, in case your new here, click the following word - JackAss

12     13     14

1st one, she’s still bitching.  The 2nd one I told her the troop leader had already paid for her and she owed her $5.  3rd one, still bitching but now she’s going again.  It’s like a rollercoaster when all I needed was a yes or no.

15     16

The 1st one is affirming that she’s going.  Then the morning of the event, I got the bottom text saying she may not be going.  Then in the 2nd one, again, she is going.  How hard is it to answer a yes or no question.  The worst part of all this,  he ended up dropping her off at 9:45.  She was supposed to be there by 9:30 and I told him 9:15.  I had told the troop leader to leave if she wasn’t on time but they waited and ended up being late for everything.  When they got back, the troop leader called me and told me that he called her phone when he was late and left a voicemail saying that he, as a parent, should have her phone number.  Did you catch that?  He called her and bitched that he didn’t have her number.

On Friday, the JackAss was an hour late picking up Trevor at the apartment.  Then we agreed to meet at a place a lot closer to her place on Saturday to drop off Samantha after a scouts thing if she agreed to drop them off on Sunday at my place again.  So we drive all the way out there, and sit, and wait.


I sent the first message at 5:06 saying that she had 4 minutes left.  We are almost to their freaking house and they still can’t be on time.  You can see their response, and mine.  They got there at 14 minutes after, I was 1 minute away from leaving.  And then she bailed on dropping them off at the apartment on Sunday and I had to meet her Monday morning.

And people wonder why I hate people that don’t think of others.  I tried to explain to Samantha why being late is rude, I just hope it sank in.

Since I’m talking about them, I’ll go ahead and post this conversation as well so you can see what I’m dealing with.

19     20     21

This was after Cheri had throw out her back and it hurt for her to drive.  So I asked theEx to either meet me after work or drop them off at the apartment.  First message at 10:53, next one at 1:58 (3 hours later).  And if you notice the response to the 2nd one, you see where they put u instead of you, that means it isn’t even theEx I’m talking to, it’s the JackAss.  I respond and then still get no response.  An hour later I have to text again trying to get an answer.  I guess who finally responds, yep, the JackAss again.  He finally gets theEx on the phone and I get my immediate response.  Although the JackAss was apparently deleting her messages as you can tell by the continued conversation.

I’m sure people have it worse with their Ex’s but all I know is, mine is a pain in the ass, or rather her JackAss is.


  1. No. Your ex is no worse or no better but, jeez, this make me feel good. I'm not alone.

    Dude, I totally handle my ex-hole (that's what I call her) the same way. My issues come from trying to TALK to my kids. She makes me call at least three times before actually letting me talk to them. Our texts? My ex-hole takes the cake for stupidity over yours, for sure.

    Finally? My ex has a jack-ass and I have news for you. I will never, ever text or have a phone conversation with him. Not his business in my opinion.

    Now I'm just babbling, but I'm glad I'm not the only one dealing with an ex-hole and a jackass.

    1. I think we've all got horror stories with our ex's.

      The sad thing is I more or less have to be nice because if she tried to take me to court, even though I have stacks of evidence of them being unfit, I worry that I'll get screwed because I'm the father.

      I try not to communicate with him unless I have to either, he's an idiot.