Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekly Catch-up


Jeff Laws

On my days off, if Cheri realizes I haven’t drank anything throughout the day, she’ll make me drink a glass of water before I’m “allowed” to drink anything else.  Unless I get pretty thirsty, I just don’t get up to get anything to drink.  I don’t know why I don’t, I really just don’t think about it.  And I definitely need to drink more water but sweet tea tastes so much better.

Jeff Laws(1)

Cheri and I had a date night since we didn’t have the kids.  We went and saw “This is 40”, it was really funny if you don’t mind a little raunch in your humor.  Then we decided to go to Chili’s for supper, only problem was, once we ordered, I really started to feel nauseous and like I was going to throw up so we changed our order to go and headed home.  I was starting to feel a little better once we got to the car and by the time we got home, I was back to normal.  We reheated our steaks and ate.  Not sure what happened or why but I told Cheri that was my version of the 24 hr flu.  I like to tease her because I rarely ever get sick.  I told her that was my 24 hr flu and when I get sick for a day, that’s usually a 3 day illness for the regular folks.  I don’t think she was buying it, but she can’t disprove it either.

Jeff Laws(2)

I have decided that I was going to tell Cheri that I love her more often.  When we were dating, I told her all the time.  But I’ve noticed I rarely say it to her.  Sure she hears it from me daily because she tells me all the time and I sometimes respond with an I love you too.  But I’m making a conscience effort to tell her more often out of the blue instead of just an automated response.

Jeff Laws(3)

I had to post this for the couple of Cowboys fans on Facebook.  I tagged them so it would be on their walls as well.  I’m a dick like that.  The last time Michigan beat Notre Dame, I found a good Michigan photo and tagged all my Notre Dame people on my friends list so it would show up on their walls.  Told you I could be a dick.


I actually had 9 Tweets go out this week, but nothing that goes here.  Which means, they are listed elsewhere on this page.  I know a couple I tweeted my Facebook status’.


Good thing I posted a couple of pictures today, otherwise this section would be blank like the Twitter section.  I sent this out that I was representing the Colts at work today for the playoffs.

This was my favorite artist and album for years when I was growing up.  I have some of the songs on my Spotify playlists and one came up today.

Are we your X-men?

Come on, how can you not laugh at the Big Bang Theory.

Darkness Falls (Darkness Falls, #1)

Finished Darkness Falls by Jessica Sorensen.  It’s more or less a vampire type of book with so much more.  Another race controls the humans in underground cities because the vampire’s rule the earth above.  Only the vampires or more like zombie vampires.  The main character could possibly be the one person to change the earth back to what it was.  I enjoyed this first book and even paid for the second of the series and will read it when it’s time comes up on the Kindle.

Grave Situation

I started this book earlier in the week, I believe right now I’m just over half way.  It’s one of the few books I’ve read recently that doesn’t have a paranormal kind of theme to it.  I’ve enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to finding out why the serial killer is doing what he’s doing.

I’m not doing the tourney type thing right now, but I can tell you how many tracks I’ve listened to since I finished it.

I’ve listened to 431 tracks so far, 635 tracks left to listen to until the next random tourney.

I did make my playlists public, although most of them on my account are Cheri’s but I don’t know if there is a web address that takes you directly to it.  So you’ll just have to look for it.


movies01     movies02

This is 40, A Walk to Remember

movies03     movies04

Romeo Must Die, Dawn of the Dead

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