Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly Catch-Up


(1) Jeff Laws

True story!  This was posted the morning of the National Championship game.

(2) Jeff Laws

Facebook is getting ridiculous with this.  I created lists a long time ago, before they started putting people in them automatically and everything was fine.  Then they have to change crap all the time.  And it’s all about getting money.  That Zuckenburg or whatever the hell is name is doesn’t have enough.  You’ve made enough to live the rest of your life in comfort, is it really necessary to get more.

(1) Jeff Laws(1)

If you read this blog, you already know about this.

(1) Jeff Laws(2)

My second ever e-card creation.  I got a bunch of likes and a couple of shares but what’s funny, is some of the likes I got were actually from Notre Dame fans.

(1) Jeff Laws(3)

I update my cover photo.  Does anyone recognize the movie?  Anyone?  I’ll give you a hint, the 2 actors above are George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino.  You got it, From Dusk Till Dawn.

(1) Jeff Laws(4)

I posted about this here.

(1) Jeff Laws(5)

You’ve also read about Cheri’s issues with her back so she is sleeping in her recliner in the living room because it hurts too much to lay on her hips.

(1) Jeff Laws(6)

Took Cheri to her doctor.  He’s prescribed some steroids to help along, let’s hope they do.

(1) Jeff Laws(7)

Samantha had a Girl Scouts function on Saturday so I kept the kids Friday night.  Samantha had mentioned earlier in the week that she wanted to go bowling so that’s what we did.  Besides, if it were up to Trevor, we’d all play with his lego’s.  First game was 236 (I was on fire), second game was a 140 (I sucked) but averaged out (188), it’s still higher than my last league average (175).  We bowled without bumpers so I could teach the kids how to actually bowl.

(1) Jeff Laws(8)

And the afore mentioned Girl scout activity.  Samantha worked a cookie booth at a local Lowe’s.


Jeff Laws (jccsst1022) on Twitter

When I text and drive, I generally wait until I get to a stop sign or light before doing so, but since this idiot in front of me couldn’t even do the speed limit (40mph) on a road that most people don’t do less than (45-50mph) I decided to go ahead and do it anyways.

Jeff Laws (jccsst1022) on Twitter(2)

I went to pick Samantha up at basketball practice and everyone lines up to pick their kids up.  There is always some moron who just parks their car along the curb and leaves it there.  So when we get our kids, we all have to go around his stupid ass.  The parking lot starts 20 feet from the curb, is it really that hard to park your damn car.

After the last 2 tweets (you’ll notice there is only 10 minutes between them), my mom text me and told me her mom’s wisdom of the day (her words) “I think you need to relax and take life a little easier.  If you can’t control it then don’t let it bother you.”  Of course, I replied “Screw that.  Tell people to stay out of my way.”

Jeff Laws (jccsst1022) on Twitter(3)

I don’t care who you are, that’s just funny.

Jeff Laws (jccsst1022) on Twitter(4)

If you follow my @DailyJLaws13 twitter account, I usually tweet my locations as well as what I’m watching or reading.

Jeff Laws (jccsst1022) on Twitter(5)

I was excited about this, everyone suspected that Lewan was going pro.  I’m excited that this kid decided to finish his college career next year.


Took the kids to school, it was decent the day before this but notice the RealFeel temperature.  It was a lot colder than I was expecting when I stepped out.

I love greasy ass gas station food.  I don’t get to eat it very often.  Most gas stations don’t serve it anymore and rarely do I ever go into a convenient store anyways with pay at the pump.  But I happened to stop at Smith’s for gas and went in just for it.

The kids shoes at bowling were styling.  I posted this along with I’m surprised the hipster’s haven’t started wearing these and claimed the fashion for their own.

Beware of Walking Dead

Always be on the lookout.

I was raised on the street.

My mom claims I used to love this show, I don’t recall that but if she says so.


My favorite big city.

Mother's Day Ad     Father's Day Ad

I love this.  So many big companies bow to a little negativity instead of standing up for what they believe in.  It doesn’t surprise me though, JC Penney is a huge supporter of the show Ellen.

Jay and Silent Bob

Jay and Silent Bob, if you don’t know them, then it doesn’t matter.




Nothing better then when they make fun of their own career.

In the show, they opened a closet carefully, expecting something to jump out and found this, it was pretty funny.



Zombieland, I need to watch this again.  It’s been awhile.

Grave Situation

Finished Grave Situation by Alex MacLean.  It was a good book and I enjoyed it which says a lot when it comes to a freebie I picked up for the Kindle.  Your basically following a cop trying to catch a killer in a small town where there have been very few murders in it’s history.  But as your reading about the killer, you find out there is someone else telling him what to do.  But you really see no link between what the cop has and the killer.  But further into the book, when you realize why he is cutting off body parts, you find out that he’s not even doing what he’s supposed to be doing.  So what I enjoyed about it, was the couple of good twists and that you don’t really know what was going on until the end.  It was well written and enjoyable.

I haven’t technically started my next book so I won’t show it yet.  Even though I know what it is.

I’ve listened to 684 tracks so far, 383 tracks left until the next random tourney.

  • Worked out 4 days.
  • Rode the stationary bike for 25 miles.
  • Walked on the elliptical for 1,538 steps in 30 minutes.
  • Did 4 sets of 10 reps at 50 lbs each (Seated Chest Press)
  • Did 4 sets of 10 reps at 50 lbs each (Seated Buttrtfly Press)


movies01  movies02  movies03  movies04

Unforgettable, Looper, Trouble with the Curve, You Me and Dupree



The Mentalist, Ice Loves Coco, Switched at Birth, The Ellen Degeneres show


Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, Go On, Hot in Cleveland, Nashville


Star Trek, American Horror Story:  Asylum, the Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men


Grey’s Anatomy, Person of Interest, Impractical Jokers, Elementary


Malibu Country, Beyond Scared Straight, Last Man Standing, Teen Trouble


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