Sunday, December 1, 2019

November Music

I'm trying to think of posts that I can do periodically so I can at least show up here on occasion. I thought maybe on the 1st of the month, I'd do a music post. I'll explain why the 1st in a little bit but first, a little background.

In case you didn't know, I listen to a lot of music. The way I like to listen to music is a huge playlist, on random. 95% of the music I listen to, is either in my car or at work. I used to pretty much only listen to my Anything & Everything playlist, which currently sits at 3,543 songs, because I worked alone with no one around me most of the time. Either in my office or around the wastewater department. Now, with my promotion, I'm around people more and out on the line more. The people aren't necessarily an issue, but being out around the line makes it harder to listen to certain songs. So I created a playlist of Country & Rock songs because they tend to be louder and easier to hear over the noise of the line so I've been listening to it for the last week or so at work and will probably continue to do so.

On the way home from work, probably 80% of the time, I listen to the A&E playlist mentioned above. Occasionally I'll mix it up with My Favorites, Equinox or 30 playlist. Usually the Favorites or the 30 playlist but occasionally the Equinox playlist. My Favorites is 133 songs of all my Favorites from all genres. Equinox playlist is mainly Rap & Rock genre, it's all the songs I listen to louder on my stereo, it has 131 songs on it. The 30 playlist are songs that I love to crank up. It's titled 30 because it has 30 songs on it and I usually put my stereo volume at 30 when I play this list. For reference, my normal stereo volume in the car is 15 in the morning, maybe a couple higher during the day depending on my mood.

On the rare occasion that my wife is in the car with me, I also have an Our Favorites playlist. I took all the songs off of My Favorites and took off some songs that my wife doesn't like and then she added some songs she likes but she only added a few so I put all of Taylor Swifts and Blake Shelton songs on it. It has 255 songs on it.

With that being said, I started using website to track my music. Since they post my stats (you all know I love stats) once a month for the previous month, I thought I transfer them over here, on the 1st. Next month I won't have the talking above, more just stats but I had to explain stuff.

A Scrobble is a song, I'm not sure why they just can't call them that. This graph shows I listened to 1,961 songs (it says new record because I joined in the middle of October so this was the first full month) which averaged out to 65 songs a day. You can see on the bar graph that I listen a lot less on the weekends which brings down the average. You can also see where I've had the last week off of work because the numbers were way down.

This shows that I listened to 653 different artists off of 1,163 albums and 1,623 different songs, no duplicates compared to the higher above number of songs I listened to. The percentile has to do with where I place amongst other users.

This is top 10 artists I listened to last month. I think the top 3 end up there just because of the amount of songs I have on the playlist. Those 3 have a ton of songs each.

These were the top songs I listened to. I heard each of these songs 3 times last month, that was the most out of the 1,961 songs. Most of them are Country & Rock so I would assume those are up there because of the new playlist I listen to while at work.

They also give you the top albums but I don't like that stat because a lot of the artists I added songs by hitting their greatest hits albums so I would have to go back and change each song on my playlist to the original album and I'm not doing that.

Here is the genre list, I'm not sure why on a report labeled as my November stats that it shows Octobers on this graph as well. The first half of the chart is from October, the last half from November.

I also find this interesting, according to this, only 60% of the music I listen to is mainstream. I suppose that's about right when you throw in all the different types of music I have on there.

I love this stuff, you may not but I find it very interesting. I check this site everyday and I will try to post it here at least once a month.

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