Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Walking Wednesday #2

It's time for another walking post? Has it been a week?

Day 1074 - Mt. Shasta, CA (3596.4 miles)

For those that don't know, the above number reflects the last 3 years. Getting ready to start a 4th year in a couple of weeks.

I mentioned last week, I think, that I don't really walk to exercise anymore, that most of my steps come from work. Well, I'm thinking about changing that. I feel like I might be putting on some more weight and being as I'm just a touch south of 300 lbs, I really can't afford more weight. The problem with that is, unlike what it says above, I'm not in California. I'm in northern Indiana. When I went to work this morning, the wind chill was 1°, it has only supposed to get in the 20's today. While I need to start walking for exercise, I have no plans of freezing my ass off to do so.

Right now, the only thing I can come up with is hitting the mall on my way home (I drive right past it) and become a mall walker. Even if it's just one lap around it, it would be better then nothing. It's not an overly huge mall so I have no idea how far a lap would be. The hardest part about walking the wall will be smelling Ben's Pretzels when I go by.

I also have the option of stopping by my mom's and using her stationary bike. My knees don't do very well on a bike though so I'm not real keen on doing that either.

I found out today that we're working 10 hour days the rest of the week so we'll see if I feel like stopping. I might wait until next week to start. If I start at all, I know how I am. I really struggle with motivation.

The good news is, I'm only 1.2 miles off of what I walked last year so I should go past that tomorrow.

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