Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A to Z Challenge–AC/DC to Avril Lavigne

It’s April 1st and you know what that means.  No, not April fools day, although I should make the joke that I was only kidding about doing the A to Z Challenge because after doing that test one, this may have been a bad idea.  I’m going to change up how I do this.  I will still list all the songs on my playlist but I’m only going to write after some of them.  They’ll still be alphabetical but I may just go post the pic and go on to the next one.  It was taking me an average of 3 days to get a post together and I never would have survived past the first week.  I may throw a few things without much text.

* the “genres” listed are my own timeline of music which you’ll find here.  If you want to know a quick story of the genre, (Why the hell is he listening to that?) then click the genre link to go back to the timeline page.  (My genres are classic, 80’s, Christian, hip hop/rap/90’s, rock/alternative, Virginia song, before spotify and spotify.

**Any pictures of album covers denotes that I owned it at one time in my life.


AC/DC – How can you not have AC/DC on your playlist.  Although, technically, it’s a cover band because AC/DC apparently doesn’t allow their songs on Spotify.  I did that with a few artists that I really like.  They are close, but you can tell the difference.  Thunderstruck always makes me think of the White Sox because they use it for their opening at home games.  Sadly, I don’t think I’ve ever owned any of their albums.  This is probably a mixture of listening in the 80’s and rock.

Ace of Base


Adelitas Way

Adelitas Way – “Invinvible” is one of those songs that is a feel good jam.  It pumps you up.

Adina Howard


Aerosmith – Now we’re talking, as you can tell by all the songs listed, I’ve liked them for awhile.  Steven Tyler’s is annoying as a person but you can’t tell me there’s not at least one song on that list that you don’t like.  Go through that list, now which of all those songs are my top 2?  You got it?  Ready for my answer?  The top 2.  That’s right, Dream On which was released the year I was born, and 2 years later, Sweet Emotion.  I really like all the songs up there, but I love those first 2.  I’m not really sure why, but I do.  This is another that started in 80’s and continued through my rock stage.

The only actual album I’ve owned of theirs was “Get a Grip” and I listened to it all the time in the mid 90’s.  Can’t say much for the cover photo though.


Who doesn’t know this video?

Air Supply

Al Denson


Alan Jackson

Alanis Morissette

Alice Cooper

Alice In Chains

Alien Ant Farm

Alison Krause

All 4 One


Allman Brothers


Amy Grant


Antonin Dvorak

Antonio Vivaldi

Aram Khachaturian

Arrested Development

Art of Dying


Atlantic Starr




Avenged Sevenfold


Avril Lavigne


In this section, I’ll figure out my favorites from this post and maybe some other stuff.

  • Best Artist – Aerosmith
  • Best Song – Invincible
  • Most Songs – Aerosmith (15)
  • Shortest Song – Gayane: Sabre Dance (2:12)
  • Longest Song – Symphony no. 9 (11:09)
  • Artists seen in concert – Al Denson, Amy Grant, AVB (3 total)


I know this isn’t as exciting, but it was just way too much work the other way.  I was never going to accomplish anything.


  1. I had to go check out my playlists to see what I had that was on your A-list today. I have Adele, Rolling in the Deep is my favorite. I have listened to Aerosmith! And House of the Rising Sun from the Animals takes me right back to my high school days. Can't wait to see what the B's bring

    1. Rolling in the Deep is a favorite of mine as well, it's a Virginia song for me (if you read my genre's). Most of the Virginia songs take me back to getting to know my girlfriend (wife) so they all have a little meaning to me.

  2. ACDC is totally my running jam. Awesome post! Happy A to Z.

    1. Thunderstruck is one of my all time favorite songs. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I recall dancing with my 80 yr old mom to AC/DC-she was a hit! Love The Animals

    1. I'm pretty sure my 80 something year old grandmother doesn't even know who AC/DC is. Lol

  4. I love the way you have this organized! Awesome theme! And I like many of your song choices. Nice!

    Random Musings from the KristenHead — A is for 'Almost Human' (and Action and Androids)

    1. Thanks, I enjoy your blog as well. We have a lot in common with what we watch.