Monday, March 31, 2014

Testing A-Z Challenge

I told you before that I signed up for the A to Z Challenge and that I was going to do a music themed month.  For those of you who don’t know what the A to Z Challenge is, every day of April, minus Sundays, your post is themed with a letter of the alphabet.  April 1st – A.  April 2nd – B, April 3rd – C, ect.  I know that I’m going to show all the artists that corresponds with the letter of the day but I will probably do a few other things as well.

I have a few artists that start with numbers so I figured I’d show those as a testing post.  Let me know what you think.

* the “genres” listed are my own timeline of music which you’ll find here.  If you want to know a quick story of the genre, (Why the hell is he listening to that?) then click the genre link to go back to the timeline page.  (My genres are classic, 80’s, Christian, hip hop/rap/90’s, rock/alternative, Virginia song, before spotify and spotify.


2Pac – I do like some gangster rap but I’m not big when a song cusses every other word.  I don’t mind cussing, just all the time doesn’t make for good music.

When I think of 2Pac albums, this is the one that comes to mind.  It’s the one I remember listening to the most.  I believe both songs I have are from this album as well.  I never owned any of his albums.

3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down – This is more my genre, rock.  I really like “It’s Not My Time” and it’s one of the few videos I have seen that I really enjoyed.  Check it out!


I had their first 2 albums (pictured above) back in the day.  I want to say that last one was about the time I stopped buying CDs.

4 Non Blondes

4 Non Blondes – Ha!  Didn’t see that one coming did you?  I do like the 80’s music and this was definitely one of them.  I love to sing the one line like a valley girl “and I try, oh my God do I try”.  The sad thing is that I can repeat a few lines without even listening to the song.  This was the 4 Non Blondes one hit.  One of the many one hit wonders of the 80’s.

38 Special 38 Special – When I hear this song, I think how I used to think that it said hold on Lucy, hey, I was close.  38 Special has been around since the late 70’s but I know them more from the 80’s so I’m guessing I probably know more of their songs, I should probably check that out. 


In this section, I’ll figure out my favorites from this post and maybe some other stuff.

  • Best Artist – 3 Doors Down
  • Best Song – It’s Not My Time (3 Doors Down)
  • Most Songs – 3 Doors Down (8)
  • Shortest Song – Duck and Run (3:52)
  • Longest Song - What’s up? (4:55)

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