Monday, April 21, 2014

A to Z Challenge–R Kelly to Russ Taff

* the “genres” listed are my own timeline of music which you’ll find here.  If you want to know a quick story of the genre, (Why the hell is he listening to that?) then click the genre link to go back to the timeline page.  (My genres are classic, 80’s, Christian, hip hop/rap/90’s, rock/alternative, Virginia song, before spotify and spotify.

**Any pictures of album covers denotes that I owned it at one time in my life.

R Kelly

Rage Against the Machine

Randy Stonehill


Ray Boltz


Ray Boltz – He is one of those Christian artists who lyrics are very religious.  The song “Watch the Lamb” still makes me tear up when I listen to it.  “Thank You” is also great, the guy dies and all the people he’s touched comes up to him to thank him for touching their lives.  I’ve seen him in concert a few times.

For some reason, YouTube won’t load up my videos so you’ll have to go here to see the video for “Watch the Lamb”.

Ray Charles

Ray Parker

Red Hot Chili Peppers


REO Speedwagon

Richard Marx

Richard Strauss

Richie Valens

Rick Astly

Rick James

Rick Springfield

Right Said Fred

Righteous Brothers


Rob Zombie

Robert Palmer


Rod Stewart

Rolling Stones

Royal Philharmonic


Russ Taff

Russ Taff – He was another Christian artist that I liked a lot.  He could do all kinds of genres.  Rock, Country, Jazz, Soul, ect.  I’ve seen him in concert as well.




In this section, I’ll figure out my favorites from this post and maybe some other stuff.

  • Best Artist –  Russ Taff
  • Best Song – Believe in Love (Russ Taff)
  • Most Songs –  Russ Taff (12)
  • Shortest Song –  Also Sprauch Zarathrustra (Richard Strauss) (1:33) 
  • Longest Song –  You Can’t Always Get What You Want (the Rolling Stones) (7:29)
  • Artists seen in concert – Ray Boltz, Russ Taff (14 total)
  • Total songs in this post - 10
  • Total songs posted so far – 1360
  • Total songs added to playlist from comments - 72


  1. I am on my way to Itunes to check out Ray Boltz. Good list. I didn't share any with you this time.

  2. Lot of great R picks. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Mother's Milk is my favorite album of theirs. Robert Plant would be on my list. Run D.M.C. Oh yeah. But where's Rush? Moving Pictures? 2112? Epic band.
    Yes to Rick James! and a hell yeah to Ray Charles! :) Super picks!