Sunday, April 6, 2014

Randomness among the challenge

As many of you know, I’ve been doing the A to Z Challenge this month.  We’ve gone through the letters A to E so far, and it’s been interesting.  Most of my comments have been from people who read me before this challenge, mainly from last years challenge so I don’t feel like I’m getting a whole lot of other views, a couple, but not as many as expected.  What I am getting, is more suggestions for music and that is awesome, I already added almost 30 songs in the first 5 posts.  I can’t wait to see what else readers suggest.

It has been a slow road as far as posting.  A lot more work that I expected (I didn’t really think it through) but since we have today off, I’m hoping to get a few posts ahead.


As you can tell, there will be no “This week on ADITLOAN”, mainly because I’ve been slacking on all my Tumblr blogs.  About the only thing I’ve posted to is my MSO–Wolverines blog and that’s because I tend to keep up with Michigan stuff every day.  Eventually I’ll get back to them but right now, my focus is getting my A to Z Challenge completed.


Official photo from our Daddy/Daughter Dance

This coming week is spring break.  I always give the kids the option to stay with us or their mom’s.  I’m not sure why, they usually choose their moms.  I thought this year might be different since she was working every day and they would have to stay home with the JackAss, whom they say, they don’t like.  But nope, they chose to stay there, again.  It shouldn’t bother me, they don’t see her as often as they do me since I have custody.  She does a lot more with them, going out to eat and movies and stuff like that.  I tend to spend my money on clothes that fit, feeding them suppers at home, schooling and athletics.  Of course, the kids don’t see that, they just see her as the fun parent.  They’re ok with wearing clothes that don’t fit, as long as they get to do the fun stuff.

I think it hurts more this year because now that they are getting older, my relationship with them is getting better.  I’m not a kids person, I don’t really like kids.  Now that they are becoming preteen, and getting to develop their own interest, I get along with them better.  I like to talk to my kids, have conversations, not play video games or legos with them (I have, just don’t enjoy it).  I like to take them outside and work on their softball/baseball or basketball skills, that’s the stuff I enjoy with them and now that they are older, I get to do more of that with them.  I though they would start to see their mom for who she is by now but I guess not.  They don’t see that I’m the one that just dropped $200 so they could play little league or $50 so Samantha can go on her field trip to Chicago.

I’m sorry about bitching, but it’s getting old.  Maybe I expect too much from my children.  Maybe they like to pick scabs and massage the JackAss amputated leg.  Maybe I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

I’m thinking about ditching my Facebook pages.  I have 4 that I use alongside my blogs (click the word Facebook to go to the FB page.

  1. Random Thoughts Facebook – I post funny pictures and links to this blog on here.  I dreamed of it being a place where I can interact with my readers, but I just don’t really have very many.  They say post more and you’ll get the readers.  I tried to hardly any responses.  Most of my likes and responses are friends on my personal page so what’s the point. (145 likes, 10 views on my last 4 posts).
  2. My Sports Obsession Facebook – I thought I would get more interaction on this one because I post vintage sports pictures, I though it would get all kinds of shares.  I couldn’t have been more wrong. (9 likes).
  3. My Sports Obsession – Wolverines Facebook – This one I just started, I figured I could get some Michigan fans over there, maybe interact with them during games.  (5 likes, all family)
  4. Cats Are Cuter Facebook – I really thought this one would take off, everyone loves pictures of cats.  The blog and twitter are blowing up, but FB, nothing.  (5 likes, all family or friends).

Like I said, I’m thinking about ditching them all.  The twitter accounts to those blogs get love, over 1000 followers on a couple of them, but Facebook just dicks over their page owners unless you pay them.  Screw facebook.


  1. I hear your pain. My grandkids had to get some years on them before they realize how bad the parents were and no longer want a relationship with them. It is hard for kids to live with one parent and make a decision to NOT see the other parent. I think they never give up the hope that the missing parent will do better, be better, act better. And the missing parent is always the more FUN parent. They'll get it some day Jeff. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks, I know they'll eventually see it, it's just surviving until they do.