Friday, April 11, 2014

A to Z Challenge–Jackson 5 to Justin Timberlake

* the “genres” listed are my own timeline of music which you’ll find here.  If you want to know a quick story of the genre, (Why the hell is he listening to that?) then click the genre link to go back to the timeline page.  (My genres are classic, 80’s, Christian, hip hop/rap/90’s, rock/alternative, Virginia song, before spotify andspotify.

**Any pictures of album covers denotes that I owned it at one time in my life.

Jackson 5

James Carter

Janes Addiction

Janet Jackson

Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz – This is another song by Colbie Caillat, whom I used in my A to Z post letter C.  This is also track 8 on the CD that Cheri made me.  This was my introduction to Colbie.

Jeff Healey

the Jeff Healey Band – I can’t hear this song without thing of the movie “Road House”.

Jefferson Starship

Jennifer Lopez

Jerome Olds

Jerome Olds – Jerome opened for another group (Mylon & the Broken Heart) and I liked him and bought his album.  After listening to the album over and over, this was the only song that stuck though.  When I went searching for his album cover, I read that he wrote a bunch of songs for the above mentioned group that I like, who knew?

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jim Croce

Jimi Hendrix

Jimmie Vaughn

Joan Jett

Joan Jett – There are other songs of hers that I like, but for some reason, Spotify only lists a few of them instead of her whole discography like they do everybody else.  I assume it has to do with permission from her.

Jody Whatley

Joe Cocker

Joe Walsh

Johann Pachelbel

John Michael Montgomery

John Michael Montgomery – “Forever” was our song and it was track 9 on our CD.  I kind of proclaimed it as our song, Cheri just went along with it.

I couldn’t find the actual video so this one will have to do.

Johnny Cash

Johnny Lee



Journey – You didn’t live in the 80’s without listening to Journey.  “Don’t Stop Believin’ was the theme song for the 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox and you hear it every Michigan football game.  Although I think they mainly play it for the line “born and raised in south Detroit”.

Julio Iglesis

Justin Timberlake


In this section, I’ll figure out my favorites from this post and maybe some other stuff.

  • Best Artist –  Journey
  • Best Song – Forever (John Michael Montgomery) 
  • Most Songs –  Journey (15)
  • Shortest Song –  Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash) (2:36)
  • Longest Song –  Mirrors (Justin Timberlake) (8:05)
  • Artists seen in concert – Jerome Olds (9 total)
  • Total songs in this post - 60
  • Total songs posted so far – 892
  • Total songs added to playlist from comments - 52


  1. I'm definitely with you on a lot of your "J" bands, and from the ones you listed I'd recommend:

    Jackson 5 - I Want You Back, I'll Be There, Stop! The Love You Save, and Who's Loving You?
    Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary
    Joan Jett - Bad Reputation (I Love Rock 'n Roll is great but obvious)

    As for what you don't have down here, I highly recommend:
    James Brown (anything, pretty much)
    James Gang - Funk #49 and Walk Away
    Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee and Piece of My Heart
    Jaymay - Blue or Grey and You Are the Only One I Love
    Jenny Lewis (the girl from "The Wizard!") - lots of great stuff, and she's also with Rilo Kiley if you have them later. For her I'd go with Highs and Lows of Being #1, Happy, Jack Killed Mom, and See Fernando
    Jenny O. - Well Ok Honey
    Jet - Look What You've Done
    Johnny Rivers - Memphis

    I know that's a lot, I guess "J" is a good letter for musicians' first names!

  2. I only share Johnny Cash with you this time.....but I have several of his albums on my ipod!

  3. I agreed with everything on L, next to nothing on K, and now about half on J, haha! My favorite here is Joan Jett! :)

    Random Musings from the KristenHead — J is for Jumping Cats and Dogs!