Friday, January 10, 2014

Plugging myself

I just wanted to update or plug all my online activities.  If you don’t care, feel free to ignore this post and wait for the next one.  I’m not going to use pictures and make it all pretty, this post is for informational purposes only.

Blogs (blogger)

  • Random Thoughts From A Random Guy – Pretty much my everything but sports blog.  Book related, movie related, music related, family related and some humor as well.  Last year I posted an average of 4 times a week.  Some weeks more than that, some weeks less.
  • My Sports Obsession – This is pretty much strictly sports cards related blog.  You can click the link to check out my collections.  This blog I posted an average of 4 times a week as well.

Blogs (tumblr)

  • A Day In The Life Of A Nobody – This is my personal entertainment blog.  It’s mainly TV and movie stuff.  My top tags are Star Trek, Star Wars, Supernatural, the Big Bang Theory and the Walking Dead if that helps you out any.  I only post a max of 3 times a day, sometimes less depending on how much I have in my queue.
  • Cats Are Cuter – This is an all cat related blog.  It has funny cat gifs and cute cat pictures as well as every 5th picture, is a picture of our Kitty.  I started this blog for my wife because she loves the cat stuff.  I only post a max of 3 times a day, sometimes less depending on how much I have in my queue.
  • My Sports Obsession – I started this blog because I love good sports photography.  I post all kinds of sports related pictures, vintage and current.  I mainly post baseball, basketball and football but if I see something I like, and it’s sports related, it’ll get posted.  I only post a max of 3 times a day, sometimes less depending on how much I have in my queue.
  • My Sports Obsession – Wolverines – When I started the above blog, I was posting a lot of Michigan Wolverines stuff so I decided it needed it’s own blog.  I post only Michigan stuff but from all sports.  I only post a max of 3 times a day, sometimes less depending on how much I have in my queue.


  • @kitty20101 – This account just accompanies the above Cats Are Cuter blog.  When it gets posted there, it gets posted here.
  • @jccsst1022 – This is my personal account but I really don’t tweet much.  It’s mostly used to plug my Random Thoughts From A Random Guy blog as well as my A Day In The Life of A Nobody.  My Instagram also posts here but I don’t post to it much either.
  • @sportobsession6 – This account accompanies all my sports related blogs.  They all post here as well as some of my boards on pinterest that are sports related.  I tweet here occasionally as well if it’s sports related.  In other words, this account is sports related.


  • I do have a personal account and I will approve friend request from my readers if I’ve had other interaction with you before.  I’m not just going to approve you because you say you read a blog of mine.  If you’ve paid enough attention, you know my name and know how to find me.
  • Cats Are Cuter – This page accompanies the blog of the same name.
  • My Sports Obsession – This page accompanies the sports blogs above.  All of my sports pictures get posted here from the tumblr and pinterest.
  • My Sports Obsession – Wolverines – This page accompanies the Michigan blog above.  This also gets pictures posted from my pinterest as well as all kinds of stuff shared from other Michigan facebook pages.  Once I get more likes (the page just started), I’m hoping to start interacting with other Michigan fans.
  • Random Thoughts From A Random Guy – This accompanies the blog from the same name but I also post humorous pictures from all over as well.

Pinterest – My boards are listed below in order by most pins, to least.

  • Female Celebrities – Pictures of female celebs that I like.
  • Vintage Sports – All kinds of sports pictures from any sport.
  • Michigan Wolverines – Anything University of Michigan related.
  • TV and Movies – I mainly post movie posters but also some TV related stuff.
  • Humor – Funny pictures and toons.
  • White Sox – Anything Chicago White Sox related.
  • Star ? – Anything Star Trek or Star Wars related.
  • Kitty – Pictures of our Kitty.
  • Books – Mainly book covers but a few book related items as well.
  • Indianapolis Colts – Anything Colts related.
  • Random PC Collections – I post random personal card collection cards on My Sports Obsession, this is all the cards I post there.
  • Superheroes – Anything superhero related.  Superman, Batman, Marvel, ect.
  • Music – Anything music related but it’s mostly album covers.

Instagram – I post mainly personal stuff but I do throw other items in here.  I do not use my Instagram account to post humor stuff as in meme’s or cartoons.  But I do screen cap some album covers or weather related stuff as well.  Depends on my mood.

Goodreads – This is a book related social site.  Although I don’t really do anything socially but I do keep track of what books I’ve read or am reading.  I have interacted with some authors and even reviewed their books for them.

Google+ – The only thing I use this for is I post links to my 2 blogger blogs.  I’m not a big fan of Google+, the only reason I post to it is because it’s easy to do when I post on my blog.

YouTube – I do have a YouTube channel but for the most part, it’s my kids and stuff like that, nothing really special as far as a reader is concerned.  I did once vlog but I didn’t like how it turned out and haven’t done one since.

Yahoo Contributor – I have posted a few stories to yahoo.  This just takes you to my profile page where you can click on the articles.


I guess that’s about it, feel free to follow me in any of the previous mentioned forums.  I always love to interact with my readers.

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  1. Wow! I can barely keep up with 1 blog, and the social media tie ins to it. This is pretty impressive!