Saturday, January 4, 2014

They’re back!

As you may have heard, we are about to get hit with a little snow.  They’re calling for up to a foot in our area and then on Monday and Tuesday, our high temps will be in the negatives.  Possibly lows reaching negative 40’s with wind chill.  Now today so far, it’s a little chilly but no snow, the sun was out for awhile so the roads are all nice and clear for the most part.  There is a little drifting in some spots but not horribly bad, yet.  All this snow and Winter Storm Warning is supposed to start tonight at 7 (EST).  We went and picked up a shovel just because when plows go through our parking lot, they tend to pile all the snow behind our cars.  That was our preparation, a shovel and a gallon a milk because we were about out.

Because of the weather, I sent a text to theEx last night that basically said you might want to consider meeting sometime Saturday evening to get the kids back to me so we wouldn’t have to deal with the conditions on Sunday night.  Her response, or rather, the JackAss’s response was we’ll just meet on Sunday night because we have a 4x4 so we’ll be fine.

My text response, none.  I called, because I have to make sure I actually talk to theEx since he was responding to my text to her.  While talking to her, I just told her she might want to check the weather and she lives in the boondocks so her road isn’t going to be a priority.  I told her about JackAss’s response and said just because you have a 4x4 doesn’t mean we do.  She said she would think about it and get back to me.

Later on (at 11:15 that night) I get a phone call from Samantha, saying since Cheri’s car is broke and my car will get stuck that they would just drop the kids off at our apartment.  I could hear the JackAss in the background telling her what to say.  I could also hear it in Samantha’s voice, she was not happy to be doing it.

Let’s delve into that last paragraph.

  1. 11:15 and the kids are still up.  I asked her to put them to bed at a decent hour because they go back to school on Monday.  Doesn’t mean they can’t stay up, just not real late.
  2. Samantha called me from her phone, which they bought her and make her pay for.  She is 11 and tries to save her minutes.  Instead of handing her one of their phones, they made her use her minutes.
  3. Cheri’s car is not broke, we had some preventative maintenance done earlier yesterday.  Samantha knows this because she was with us when we dropped it off.  Another reason I know he is feeding her lines.
  4. My car does very well in the snow, it’s a beast.  But even I know not to push it if there is a foot of snow on the ground.
  5. JackAss can’t drive, therefore, he’s making all these decisions and making theEx drive in all that crappy weather.
  6. Samantha wasn’t happy about it, she knows I won’t listen to him and that’s why he’s making her call me.  I wouldn’t be surprised if theEx was already sleeping and didn’t even know about the call.

You haven’t heard anything much from them on this blog because things have been decent.  Mainly meaning the JackAss was keeping out of it.  I hope he’s not going to start getting involved again.  Although it does give me more blog material since he’s such a douchebag.  So we’ll see on Sunday night if the kids make it here or not.  I hope they make it safely, however, I’m going to laugh my ass off if they get stuck after they drop the kids off.  Especially since the JackAss can’t help push if they do.

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