Friday, January 17, 2014

Our Kitty cat


Our cat, while is absolutely adorable, is also retarded.  She’s your typical cat, she sleeps around, a lot.  Loves to sleep in the sun or cuddle with Cheri or I.  She sleeps with us at night, usually up by Cheri’s head or down by my feet.  She’ll lay with Cheri in her recliner or on the couch next to me.  I told you she sleeps a lot.  She does play at night, we can only tell by the stuff she drags out so she doesn’t keep us up doing it, which says a lot since Cheri is a very light sleeper.  But she is retarded in her own ways.


Chewing cardboard – If we leave any kind of boxes out, she chews on it.  She doesn’t eat it, just chews on it.  Think of a flap of a cardboard box, she just loves the feel of her little teeth going into the cardboard.  She’ll bite, then move over a bit, then bite again.  She doesn’t tear off pieces and chew them, she just likes to bite them.  Since we don’t leave any boxes out for her, she’ll get into the trash and bite envelopes or on folders or the cover of Cheri’s pad of paper.


Chewing shoes – She loves to chew on our shoes, and it’s like the cardboard, she just likes to sink her teeth into them.  While she has chewed on the rubber soles where they wrap up at the bottom of the shoe, she really loves to sink her teeth into the tongues of the shoes.  But here is where it differs from the cardboard, after she has slept for awhile, she gets up and she has to chew on something.  It’s really the only time she goes after our shoes is right when she wakes up.  It’s like a smoker needs that first cigarette or a coffee drinker has to have that first cup, it’s very strange.


Chewing cords – I know, another chewing one.  She absolutely loves to chew on cords.  She prefers the rounds cords like phone or laptop chargers.  She has destroyed a bunch of phone chargers, she’s only gotten 1 of mine and maybe 2 of Cheri’s but our oldest daughter wouldn’t take the time to put hers up when she wasn’t around and she lost a bunch.  Our youngest kids, we make them leave their doors shut and the cat isn’t allowed in there.  She does chew on other cords such as lamps, tv, space heaters, ect, but she generally only goes after those if she can’t get a hold of the round ones.  Cheri has taken a pillow case and cut it up in strips and sewed them to make “tubes” that we can run the cords through.  We do a pretty good job at protecting all our cords, which is why she goes after the shoes.


Sits on the couch – I mentioned above that she’ll sleep next to me on the couch and that’s not really that retarded because she’ll come up and lay next to me most evening.  I generally sit on one side of the couch and I’ll shift from leaning on the arm and putting my legs up on the rest of the couch to sitting straight up to sometimes leaning to the right over the middle of the couch.  The strange part is, anytime she notices me lean to the right to where my upper body is on the middle cushion, she comes over and wants to lay next to me.  She will just sit there and stare at me until I sit up, then she’ll hop up and lay next to me.  It’s almost like the middle cushion is hers and while she’ll let me put my feet on it, I’m not allowed to actually lay over on it.


Blinds – She loves to sit on our dresser and look outside the window, to look down on everything.  The problem is, she pretends that she wants to do it as soon as the sun up.  As soon as dawn breaks and the sun is out, she’s batting at the blinds for us to open them.  The really bad part is, we think she just does it to wake us up because most of the time, she’ll get Cheri to open the blinds and then go lay on the bed.  Notice I said Cheri, that’s because as soon as she does it, Cheri is hopping out of bed because she knows if Kitty wakes me up, she’s getting a pillow thrown at her.


Tail – I know, most pets chase their tails, and they are all retarded.  Kitty doesn’t do it often but she does like to chase her tail.

Ticker – Her latest obsession is the ticker on the bottom of the TV.  When I watch sports, most channels have a ticker and when Kitty sees it, she wants to get right up there and see it.  She doesn’t even bat at it, she just sits and stares at it.


While she has her weird obsessions, she is a pretty good cat and we love her.  Which is funny because Cheri has never wanted a pet but our oldest talked her into it and now Cheri loves Kitty more than anybody else in the house and I’m not kidding, Cheri thinks I am, but I’m not.  She just needs to learn to admit it.


  1. Adorable! I love those funny habits that our pets develop.

    1. I think people without pets don't realize how much personality they have.

  2. What a goofball! She's get along great with all my furry kids. I think that's why we love them so much...their little quirks & personalities.

    1. This is true. Just don't tell my wife I love her, I won't admit it to her.