Thursday, January 2, 2014

Movie Review–Catching Fire

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I try not to go into the storyline too much on my reviews because I hate when reviews are spoilers.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Cheri and I went and saw this at the theaters.  If we saw it in the theaters than it means we probably liked it because if we are going to pay ticket and popcorn prices, we are going to see something we know we’ll like.

They did a pretty good job with this one.  As a fan of the books, I was a little disappointed with the first movie, mainly because I feel like they left out some things that should have been in the movie.  That tends to happen with books turned into movies so it wasn’t a huge deal, kind of expected, but still disappointing.  This one on the other had, I felt like they did a lot better job of getting everything in there.  I really enjoyed the movie which really isn’t that surprising since I loved the books.  It actually helps because I was a lot more emotionally involved with the characters so I was really into the movie.

My wife, also enjoyed it and she hasn’t read the books which shows you that you don’t have to read the books to enjoy the film.  We both love Jennifer Lawrence so that was another reason we enjoyed it.  I was afraid my wife would get bored with it in the beginning because it’s setting up the story behind the 75th hunger games but she said she really liked it.

I gave it 5/5 stars.  I loved it.

Cheri gave it 5/5 as well.

Two 5 star reviews means you should go see it or at least rent it when it comes to DVD.


  1. I saw the first one and enjoyed it. I haven't read the books. I was a little disappointed that Catching Fire seemed to go nowhere. It is just setting the stage for the next movie and doesn't stand on its own. In hind sight, I should have waited and seen it when the third one is released.

    1. I guess it doesn't really go anywhere as far as a stand alone movie. Since I know where it's leading, I probably didn't notice that. I believe I read where they are cutting the last book into 2 movies so the next movie may not be a good stand alone movie either.