Thursday, January 16, 2014

Book Review–Origins by Kristen Middleton

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I try not to go into the storyline too much on my reviews because I hate when reviews are spoilers.
Origins (Zombie Games, #1)
A typical zombie book but I do love the genre.  I enjoyed the characters and the story in itself and for a continuation book it left some of the story complete by the end of it with just enough questions for you to ask what’s happening next.
By biggest turn off was the length.  Not that it was really short, that doesn’t bother me so much when the books are free, but according to my Kindle, I was only a little over half way through the book, and then it ended.  I read at work, I finished the day off at 51% and then went home for the weekend.  Had I known it was over at 53%, I would have finished it at home.  Instead, the next day that I work, I pick up where I left, getting back into the story and bam, it was done.  The other 47% was either another book or exerts from her other books, I didn’t check, I was too annoyed at the fact it was over already.
So for the book itself, I’d give it 4 stars but I knocked it down a star at the fact it teased me that I had much more to read.

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